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Bruker Vertex 70
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United Arab Emirates

VERTEX 70 series offer unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications. The data acquisition is based on two channel deltasigma ADCs with 24-bit dynamic range, which are running in parallel and integrated into the detector preamplifier electronics. This advanced DigiTect technology prevents external signal disturbance and guarantees the highest signal-to-noise ratio. The VERTEX 70 can optionally be equipped with optical components to cover the spectral range from 15cm-1 in the far IR/THz, through the mid and near IR up to the visible/UV spectral range at 28,000cm-1. Instrument is complete with computer and software.

V70 configuration/options included:

Spectral range extension (FIR III), 680-50cm-1
consisting of:
- T222/3 multilayer beamsplitter
- D201/B DLATGS detector (FIR) with preamplifier
- Polyethylene windows/foil (2)
- W162/B Window mounts (2)

Bruker Optics 5x micro focusing unit for QuickLock base plate including adjustable x-y sample holder

Provision for changing a beamsplitter
This option adds the capability to exchange a beamsplitter.

VIS-beamsplitter, Quartz
Spectral range: 30,000-3,500cm-1
- S239/Z (for VERTEX 70) Provision for changing a beamsplitter
- W505/Z Aluminum mirror for VERTEX 70 spectrometer serie

Thermoelectrically cooled InGaAs detector
Spectral range: 12,800-4,000cm-1 (780-2,500nm)
NEP: <2*10**-13W/Hz½

Change of spectral range
Spectral range: 10,000-380cm-1
Consisting of: T304/3 KBr broadband beamsplitter instead of standard beamsplitter T303/3

Beamsplitter Storage Box, additional external unit, for systems with manual beamsplitter exchange.

Q428/7 :
NIR source with QuickSwitch mount, 12V
average lifetime >9,000 hours

W505/Z :
Mirrors coated with Aluminum
for extending spectral range to 25,000cm-1.
Additional components will be required for operation in this range e.g. spectral range extension.

Q502/Z :
VIS source (tungsten lamp, 24V, 150W)
externally adapted, water cooled, with mount and power supply.
Note: Not available for the right side input port E1 (W107/x) in connection with right side external sample chambers like A172/B, A173/B, A174, A750/B, W109/UHV, A514/B, A514/V, A670/XL.
In these cases the rear side input port E2 (W108/x) is required.
The right side connected HYPERION (A670/B and A670/L) requires the exit port X3 and the part #1019629.
Replacement source see Q402.

S134 :
Cooling unit
for liquid cooled sources and emission adapter A540/x
(water recirculator); 110/230V, 50/60Hz
Up to 2 sources and/or emission adaptors can be connected in series

Window flange
for mounting of windows in input/output ports for TENSOR and VERTEX 70/80 (without windows)

Changer for external source
including focussing optics for input port right side (E1)

FT60-5: No standard ref. Probably computer

O/IR+: software

C295 : Network interface card, 10/100 Mbit, RJ45,

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Bruker Vertex 70.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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An S.

Member since: June 2011

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