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Nikola K.

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Camera Corps Triple Axis Mini Joystick
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Czech Republic

Please note that this offer includes only CCU and Mini Joystick, no cameras included.

Equipment in excellent condition - used ONCE

Triple Axis Mini Joystick:

Controls any type of Camera Corps or Egripment Pan and Tilt head.

Ultra small design utilises a ‘twist’ action on the joystick for Zoom control.
Up to five separate heads of mixed types can be controlled.
Reverse settings and control speeds are stored individually for each of the five channels.
Separate red and green cue/tally lights for all five channels.
Data input from Camera Corps CCU panel to mix camera and Joystick data onto a single data line.
Camera Corps standard audio data control system allows unlimited operational distances from CCU Panel, and then on to remote head locations.
Channel ‘Lock’ feature allows any channel to be locked to prevent inadvertent channel changes, even after a loss of power.
Manual/Auto focus setting for cameras which have this feature.
Battery operation possible. 9–18v input required.
Audio data input and output transformer coupled for hum elimination.
The Camera Corps Triple Axis Mini Joystick Control has been developed to supplement the larger model where desk space is restricted.
The same control response and accuracy is available with fully adjustable control speeds and reverses.

CCU Panel:

Software protocols included for 18 different camera makes/models.
Five cameras of different makes and models can be controlled via the CCU Panel (mix and match).
Camera Corps audio data control system works over unlimited distances.
LCD menu display provides access to all available camera adjustments depending on camera type.
Red/green cue/tally inputs for each of the five channels are provided, and added to the data stream to provide tallies for camera or remote head operators.
Control mode using colour gain and black controls to preset pan, tilt, zoom and focus positions where a remote head is being used.
Fixed operational buttons for auto iris, white balance, black balance, colour bars and remote switch function.
Camera power on/off function available for some camera models.
Remote connector to allow use of a keypad unit to extend control of up to 96 cameras.
Remote matrix control available, or matrix can automatically switch channels on the CCU Panel.

Camera Corps' Camera Control Unit “CCU Panel” allows easy remote operation of many makes and models of broadcast camera including those which are not always provided with a CCU Panel by their manufacturer. Originally developed for the Sydney Olympics the CCU Panel has been upgraded many times since then to add control for additional camera makes/models.

Designed by Camera Corps to control small ‘Minicams’ and ‘Brick’ cameras the CCU Panel now has the capability to control more camera makes/models.
A small interface and data decoder is used at the camera position and this can be used for any type of camera with a different cable being required depending on the camera type being controlled. 12volt power to the interface unit also powers the camera.

Current Camera Types available:
Panasonic: AW600/800 series, US532, CLR24
Hitachi: HVD37, KPD8, KP-D20, DK-H31/32, HV-HD30
Toshiba: TU48, TU61/63, IK-HD1
JVC: KY series
Elmo: CU43 series
Iconix: HD-RH1
Sony: All Visca Control series including BRC300/700
Camera Corps: HD MiniZoom, HD/SD MiniZoom, Q-Ball, PC2005 (Board Camera)

Manufacturers website:

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Camera Corps Triple Axis Mini Joystick.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Nikola K.

Member since: March 2012

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