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crystal water x 300
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Sea Water Desalinization Systems for sale



Important to note :
There are three (3) complete systems still available. We can supply the plants as a separate purchase, the special membranes will be included in the order, but, will be shipped from a location nearer the user site, and, it important that prior to the membranes being ordered, a water sample is taken and tested to ensure the proper and most suitable membranes are delivered to the site for installation.
The cost of the membranes that are included in your initial order for each of the systems is approximately $114,000.00, or approximately $950.00 per membrane x 120 membranes.
Membranes are : TORAY TM820C/A400 Standard Sea Water or Equivalent . As stated above, to be shipped from one of TORAY/s global distribution sites to the project site.

We presently have ONE complete desalination plant, and ( 3 ) three, that are complete except they need to have the control panels installed on them. This will take approximately 8 - 10 weeks to make ready.

All plants are NEW, sea water rated and will produce 250,000 gpd. at 60Hz, the plants will operate at 50 Hz,, but with slightly less output. ( At 50Hz, they will produce approximately 225,000 gpd. )

Upon receipt of funding we can begin creating the special carton necessary for freight forwarding . The cost to the buyer for this service is $35,000.00 per plant.

Any/all engineering support and will be through agreement and separately contracted with the design engineering personnel.

We will provide the expertise needed to insure that each of these systems operates at the peak efficiency. ( See Support above)
All six ( 3 remaining systems) of these systems can be run in tandem, or operated individually, at different sites or points of need. The output of the six systems in tandem would approximate about one million two hundred and fifty thousand gallons, or more per day. We would require a water sameple from either the one location, or individually from each of the proposed locations. This is a major requirement for the membranes are built to the water sample specification.
We can provide the technical help required for these systems, from inception through operation, to include, specification for a permanent pad, the electrical, the hook up and piping specifications. ( Remember, a holding tank will be necessary)
These would need to be placed in special containers that are not included in this offer, but, all cost relating to those same cartons and the actual freight forwarding cost would be the buyers responsibility. It is important that you realize that a crane is necessary at the end user site, to both move each of the systems, and place them properly on their pad/s.
If you require an electrical generator, we can help you with the specifications, and if necessary, help you obtain the proper system.

We could have these ( 6 ) ( 3 remaining systems) systems available for freight forwarding in a window of 7 - 10 weeks. Please note, we also have two additional pumps completed ( the castings) that we could build for you, making the total number of identical systems available to you at ( 8 ).

It is very important to know, that these systems are built with the highest quality components, and also the highest grade stainless steel, thus, they can double or triple the life of most competitive systems available. The membranes as discussed are not loaded until the systems are at the job site, and a complete water sample analysis has been completed..
The savings on these units is in the millions of dollars each, and far under the to build cost of today, and are available IMMEDIATELY.

Here is the information on the Water Purification Plants that we manufacture. We will need a complete feedwater analysis of the water to be purified. SEE Tech analysis form Attached.
Subject: Water Purification Plants

250K SWRO (Pre-treatment & PLC not shown)
Current Inventory:
I have three Plants that are state of the art brand new Sea Water (desalination) Plants for sale. We designed these for a resort When the Hurricane hit , the Developer asked us to release him of the contract. We can also build additional plants as customer requires.
Plant Operating Description: The -250K Seawater Reverse Osmosis is a Fully Automated Computerized two stage desalination unit rated at 60% recovery (190 gpm) with a total flow through the unit of (320gpm).
Features: The 250K is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel from the skid to the product water outlet piping. All Piping that is in contact with seawater and brine water is constructed of SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel. All skid and equipment supports are constructed of 316L stainless and are glass bead blasted and coated with a durable 2 part clear coat. The Product Water Piping is constructed of 316L stainless so that it will not leach contaminates back into the purified water stream
Each Seawater Plant will produce 250,000 gallons of pure water per day (USA specs). They are a modular design and can run as one large plant and produce a total of 1,500,000 gpd or they can operate independently of each other.
Some of the proprietary features that we build into our plants include: A Total Automated Operation with a Programmed Touch-screen Operations Panel that allows for "user friendly" operation. Internet and SCADA Hook-up that allow for remote monitoring, operation and trouble shooting. A Sophisticated Self-cleaning Program that protects the RO Plant eliminating costly down time and maintenance. Energy Saving Technology incorporated to save in operational cost. In addition, our plants are built to a Rugged Skid Mounted Design Standard made to withstand the harsh demands placed on remote areas for produced water.
Price: PREVIOUSLY QUOTED, USD each. Full Technical Support and Warranty. FOB x-works USA

A. Quoted Price Includes the Following Package:
1). The RO Plant: (Included) One -250K Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant. A Fully Automated Computerized two stage desalination unit. The plant is built in two sections (1 membrane skid & 1 pump skid) for easy transport.

2). Pre-filtration Unit. (Included) To be manufactured to the clients specific location. Lead time 8-10 weeks from date of purchase order. The pre-filtration skid is site specific. We will design and build the recommended filtration to the client's location. The pre-filtration unit as quoted is designed to meet the following parameters. Source water < 5 SDI, particle distribution report < 5% of solid material smaller than 1 micron in size, TDS < 35,000 ppm, organic material 'not detectable'. Optional equipment will be quoted as required. *A complete feed-water analysis is required.

Please note, although the membranes are included with each of the individual systems, they are not in the units at this time. The reason is simple, they are chosen at the time that the point of use buyer is determined, and all tests have been completed to best determine the membranes that would best fit the specifications. The membranes will then be ordered directly from the manufacturer and be drop shipped directly to the clients job site or warehouse.
Depending on the water analysis we would probably go with the Toray TM820C-400 Standard Seawater high area membranes.
Or the Toray TM820A-400 for high Boron rejection, if the feedwater warrants. Toray does have Middle East warehouse distribution and thus, if the client happens to be in that area it should save them a considerable amount of money on the freight costs.

3). Membranes. (Included) FILMTEC SW30XLE-400I 120 Per plant. The membrane array utilizes the Protec PRO-8-1200-SP 'Mega-port' pressure vessels. The 'Mega-port' is a 3" side port configuration. The 3" nozzle provides less pressure drop due to velocity across the port. The side port allows the vessels to be directly coupled to each other reducing piping requirements. This also reduces pressure losses due to velocity in the piping. Clean in place connections are supplied on the unit to reduce system reconfiguration for membrane maintenance.

4). Product Displacement Pump. (Included) A product water booster pump is provided on the unit if the water producer wants to go directly into the distribution system. The producer can also by-pass the booster pump and route the water to a storage tank for post-treatment.

5). Computerized Control Panel (Included). Our PLC is fitted with a operator interface touch screen. It is Internet or Scada capable for remote monitoring and operation. The operator merely touches the point on the screen that he wants to monitor and all the required data is displayed..

6). Warranty: (Included) All material and equipment purchased for placement on the new plants manufactured by seller Inc. have a minimum of 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. All other equipment placed on the new plants manufactured by seller, Inc. will be warranted for 1 year. The obligation of this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts that prove defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service.

9). Shipping: Price quoted is FOB our warehouse . The Plant's skid mounted design allows for easy non-permitted transport to the client's site location. The Plant is built in two skid- sections, plus one additional skid for the pre-filtration. Each section will require export crating prior to shipping. (Membrane Skid=24' L x 8' W x 9.6' Ht.; Pump Skid=17' L x 8' W x 6' Ht.; Pre-treatment Skid=20' L x 8' W x 10' Ht.) There is a port nearby.

These plants are ready for immediate delivery with the exception of the pre-filtration unit which will be built to the client's specifications. (8-10 weeks lead time)
I have additional information and pictures that I can send you if you should require.

Cost per unit $1.95 million

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this crystal water x 300.

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