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What our customers say

My experience was great and I think Kitmondo is a reliable media to buy medical equipment.

Beatriz Riveros, Drommond Company Inc.

... we were able to successfully complete the transaction with the help of Kitmondo. I found Kitmondo extremely easy to work with. The website is set up well and easy to navigate. The assistance and follow-up on the part of their representatives is fantastic.

Shelly Corrias, TIS Grafx.

Your organization has provided an easy way for us to purchase previously owned equipment. We will use your services again I’m sure.

Mike Webster, Manage Inc..

I found your service very easy to use. Our purchase went though without a flaw and we are very happy customers.

Robert Marshall, Another Country.

I love my product that I found on your Website! The people who sold it to me were very sweet, driving it to me from LA to OC, CA.

Diana Hund, Best DVD Solutions.

Very professional. Thanks

Dean J. McDaniel, The Label Team, Inc..

With Kitmondo, the sale of my product was easier than I could have imagined! Not only was their service great, but their client care outshone all of my expectations!

Amparo Zamora, Professional Aesthetic Clinic.

Kitmondo took the worry out of our purchase. Kitmondo made buying used equipment professional and easy.

Don Hazen, WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth.

It has been a pleasure to work cooperatively with Kitmondo on the sale of various laboratory items during the past year. Your web site provides an easy, relatively inexpensive mechanism for advertising equipment that is for sale.

Sherry Farwell, EMCC Lab, LLCServices .

A great way to deal with International customers with a great “Safe harbor” feeling. Very professional.”

Duncan McClure, International Inspection, Inc..

I'm very pleased with the outcome of the sale of the RIP through Kitmondo.

Bruce Easley, American Greetings Corp..

Selling our equipment was simple and easy. Thanks for connecting us with someone who could use our equipment.

Kirsten Berger, Vitality Health Center.

We deal with the installation of large machinery and from time to time we have great used items, helped us turn used inventory into welcomed cash! I will use again and recommend them to all my business related connections.

Ray Sedorchuk, Pipes R Us.

Kitmondo helped us find and purchase a used piece of equipment we needed at a good price.

John Schloss, University of New England.

I've found to be a great place to find good quality used equipment. When I'm on a budget and looking for the hard-to-find, I'm going to check there first.

Lee Klein, Merck.

The 570L sale was a smooth transaction. Thanks for your assistance!

Scott Baker, Factory Automation.

It has been a very positive experience. The supervision of Kitmondo is a plus when you deal with someone you don't know!

Alessandro Croci, Sound Engineering.

Selling my Arri SR camera on Kitmondo went very well despite a rather impatient purchaser. Kitmondo's role as a strong controller of the deal was much appreciated. The buyer was finally very happy with the condition of the camera and the deal in general. Many thanks.

Richard Foster, Independent Cameraman.

Within weeks of working with Kitmondo we started to receive a large quantity of good, qualified sales leads. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kitmondo as they have developed into strong advertising resource for our company.

Art Lazarus, Machinery Values Inc.

We started receiving sales leads our first day with Kitmondo and over the course of the first month we received a total of 30 Leads. With the help of Kitmondo we were able to sell two machines at a great Price!

Brittany Sherman, Gallery of Machines.

Your service was very helpful. My customers and me can trust on Kitmondo's work. I like the way you manage the communication and moderation between the customers and our office. Every deal was clear and easy to do. I will work with Kitmondo again.

Frank Schulz, Baer EDV und POS Ltd.

I am indeed very satisfied with this transaction. It went smooth and easy. The fact that you permit me to deal directly with the buyer rapidly contributed to a successful sale. Thank you, I will definitely use Kitmondo again in the future.

Benoit Poirier, GECOBP.

Kitmondo was very instrumental in the entire process of helping us to secure the Nikon Eclipse E600. They were there in the initial stages of making contacts with the vendor and throughout the entire process to ensure that the transaction was proceeding satisfactory. We would definitely do business with Kitmondo again.

Frank Johnson, Michigan State University.

Kitmondo was the answer to move our printer. No where else could we have had such exposure for a sure sale. The process was easy and successful. Glad we found this website!

Elizabeth Prestwood, BelieversWay Church.

Kitmondo has made it very easy to list my equipment, update my listings, close the deals and make commission payments. From beginning to end, Kitmondo has served my company well. I've dropped my listings from other sites because of the hassle and inconvenience I've encountered., however, has been exceptionally easy to use and navigate. My contact representative has been attentive to my needs and thorough and honest in our dealings. Kitmondo gets and A+ rating in my book...

Brenda Mac Donald, Professional Document Printing.

I am happy to say that it has been an ongoing pleasure working with the Kitmondo Team. Prospective clients and customers from around the world appear to be very comfortable locating machinery through Kitmondo and we are very pleased with the outcome. The one on one frank communications with the Kitmondo Team has made it a pleasure to work with engaged professionals who share our commitment of professionalism, honesty and outstanding service. Well done Gentlemen!

Jim Ritzmann, Mohawk Machinery.

Excellent service and i like that we can comunicate with you on purchases

Ian Stuart, RF Global Solutions.

I found kitmond very professional and efficient to deal with

Dan Walsh, Oconchemicals.

You did an excellent job. I am really happy with our transaction.

Athanasios Douligeris, Harokopio University of Athens.

It was great running across your site. I listed my Genelec speakers and I don't think it was more than 2 days later and I had a buyer. It was a great experience and I would reccomend your site to anyone.

Michael Delich, ..

...we located a liquid filling system on your site, we were connected with the seller by Kitmondo and were able to conclude a transaction on the equipment. I continue to use Kitmondo as a resource for sourcing my industrial equipment needs.

Jason Mann, ..

Everything went through just fine. No problems, no issues. Worked great.

Ben Eden, Bio Basics Global.

We are very pleased with our experience using the Kitmondo website. We had no idea how to sell our lab equipment and this proved to be both easy and safe. They afforded us the opportunity to reach a large number of possible purchasers without having to take time out of our busy schedules to deal with them directly. We used their Safe Transaction system to assure that the monies had been received prior to sending the equipment. That alone was well worth the commission we paid.

Susan Donetti, Livermore Country Pet Hospital.

Kitmondo is very important for me, it gives me the opportunity to be on web with world wide visibility. The Safesale program helps overcome fears and allows the possibility of the client to be reimbursed if the product does not work. It gives me the security of a successful transaction.

Marco Mondadori, Test & Measurement Specialist.

I was trying to sell a digital machine which had been overtaken by new technology and did not think that I would be able to sell it. Surprisingly, I found a buyer overseas and the whole transaction through Kitmondo went through very smoothly.

Ajay Gudka, Caprin Limited.

Kitmondo helped a lot for the equipment transaction by allaying the uncertainties associated with getting the equipment shipped, the money handled, a return warranty and so on.

Scott Gordon, Green Tech Labs.

...out of the ether came a message from a college prof. Sold! Now if they will just buy the AKS.

Chuck Mason, Private.

Thanks for your was a 100% succesful deal!....Nice to work with your company!

Marcus Sanwald, SanMedical GmbH.

Without I don't think I would have sold my blood analyzer. Also, the transaction went smoothly because I utilized your third party payment system. Thank you for your service.

Carl Flinkstrom, Lunenburg Vet Hospital.

Kitmondo allows us to reach more customers with ease. Our IPEC Cap Sorter was sold successfully and was completed without a hitch. Being in touch directly with the Buyer makes a HUGE difference in communication and being able to complete the transaction. THANK YOU!!

Kevin Patton, Time Equipment Sales.

...the experience was very good. I like the way the lead is communicated to the seller and the follow up that Kitmondo does is helpful as well.

Ronald Evans, International Packaging Co Llc.

My experience on Kitmondo was good. Every thing was handled very professionally. Communication was excellent. I look forward to my next transaction.

Kenneth Williams, Nevis Printing LTD.

A real great experience and very helpful.

Usher Jalas, Mezonos Baking Co.

Thank you for your follow up. It is always refreshing when you are not quickly forgotten after an FRQ or order is placed. Good Customer service is not as easy to get as it once was, and I really just don't understand companies that lack so greatly in this area.

Kathy Armenteros, Fluid Control Products.

Our experience with kitmondo was easy and the sale protection was very valuable to us.

Ben Hendershott, Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital .

My experience with was a very positive one. It is truly a great service that you provide in linking the potential buyer with the seller. My inquiry into a piece of equipment that I was interested in was answered right away, professionally, and with courtesy. I would highly recommend your site and look forward to another positive business transaction on it.

Joseph Ortola, A Smile Gallery.

The process worked out well for us. I will continue to use your site to look for assets we need.

Robert Koppel, Interplex.

I am very happy with the outcome of my deal for the PE Diamond DSC. The device was exactly as described, fast delivery, at a great price. I had a very good communication with Kitmondo and the transaction was done in a safe way. So thanks again

Monika Winter, IFA GmbH.

Our experience with Kitmondo can be summed up with one word, "flawless". From the outset, the staff at Kitmondo was very helpful and attentive with our listing. When we had multiple offers, coordination between buyer and seller as well as the final transmission of funds to our account. Knowing that Kitmondo had received the payment price and was holding the funds in trust pending buyer approval, was a very comforting thought. Great job Kitmondo!