New Range of Central Heating and Direct Hot Water Supply Boilers

Posted By Richard Barker on 14 May 2014

Posted in The Vintage Machinery Almanac

This article first appeared in Practical Engineering 1940 Vol1 No5. The material contained within the article is accurate as of 1940. This article describes new Equipment brought to market at the time.

Natural-Draught Gas-Fired Boilers

A new range of natural-draught gas-fired boilers, suitable alike for central heating and direct hot-water supply, has recently been introduced by Auto Control Boilers, Ltd., of 3, Monument Street, London Bridge, E.C.3. This range is supplementary to the "Vesta" gas-fired boilers.

Automatic Operation

These new boilers are constructed in a special metal to withstand the action of acid condensate, and are provided with full cleaning facilities to flue-ways and waterways, without the removal of the main casing, the latter to eliminate the necessity of a calorifier in the case of domestic hot-water supply.

To obtain increased efficiency the boilers are constructed with a long travel for the products of combustion through the boiler surfaces in contact with the water so as to extract the maximum amount of heat from the flue gases. Automatic control is effected by means of a gas thermostat and primary ignition is by means of a small pilot flame. Apart from lighting this, the boiler is entirely automatic in operation.

Choice of Finishes

The boilers can be supplied either in a synthetic enamel finish, galvanised or vitreous enamel, the latter at a small extra cost. As in the case of the "Vesta" boiler, the idea is to eliminate dirt and dust and to maintain the highest possible efficiency within the smallest possible floor space.