Global Iron and Steel Production Statistics from 1906

Posted By Tom Feltham on 30 October 2014

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This article was originally published in the April 1907 edition of “Electrochemical and Metallurgical Industry” magazine. The publication of this material aims to provide historical insight on the subject and its place in industry.

The following statistics of iron and steel production in 1906 have been returned:

United States of America

The regular official statistics of the American Iron and Steel Association show pig iron at 25,307,191 gross tons, a fresh record, supplanting that made in 1905, 22,992,380 gross tons. Bessemer steel ingots and castings, 12,275,253 gross tons, against the record of 10,941,375 gross tons in 1905. Bessemer steel rails, by the makers of Bessemer steel ingots, 3,705,642 gross tons, against 3,135,729 gross tons in 1905, both records. The complete rail statistics will include the small tonnage of Bessemer steel rails (chiefly light rails) made by mills which do not produce Bessemer steel ingots, also iron rails and open-hearth steel rails.


Pig iron, 541,957 gross tons, against 468,003 gross tons in 1905; both records; authority, American Iron and Steel Association.

Great Britain

Pig iron, 10,149,388 gross tons, against 9,592,737 gross tons in 1905; both records; authority, British Iron Trade Association; the statistics of the home office appear later; as a rule, the two sets of statistics agree closely and are equally authoritative on the subject of iron and steel production in Great Britain.


The statistical department of the German Association of Iron and Steel Producers reports the production of pig iron at 12,478,068 metric tons (equal to 12,280,877 gross tons), against 10,987,623 metric tons in 1905; both records.

United States Steel Corporation

Blast furnace products, including pig iron, ferromanganese, spiegeleisen and ferrosilicon, 11,267,377 gross tons, against 10,172,148 gross tons in 1905. Bessemer and open-hearth steel ingots, 13,511,149 gross tons, against 11,995,239 gross tons in 1905. All steel products for sale, 10,578,433 gross tons, against 9,226,386 gross tons in 1905.

Lake Superior Iron Ore Shipments

Lake  Superior   iron  ore  shipments,  38,522,139  gross  tons, against 34,353,456 gross tons in 1905, both records.

World’s Pig Iron Production

The statistics of pig iron production in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany, already noted, make a total of 48,279,413 gross tons, against 43,867,099 gross tons by the same countries in 1905. Allowing an increase of about a million tons by the other producing countries would indicate a grand total for the world in 1906 of about 59,000,000 gross tons.

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