Top 5 Tips - Buying a Pro Tripod

Posted By Tom Cropper on 08 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

Here is a list of the top five tips that you need to consider before making your purchase:

1. Materials

Whether looking at entry-level pro tripods or the top models, consider what material the tripod is made from. It is best to go for aluminium or fibre materials as they tend to be more hardwearing.  Always look for as few plastic parts as possible as they can break and shorten the life of your purchase.

2. Purpose

What you intend to use the tripod for is a key determining factor. For heavy video cameras, lightweight tripods are a great option as they are made from durable carbon fibre. For lighter cameras, where use is more fast-paced, there are a range of small compact models that are quick to assemble and transport.

3. Head

This is the basis of the quality of the camcorder and is typically the determining factor behind the cost; a fluid head will give a smoother pan. At the top end of the market, tripods feature controls that allow you to dial in the best resistance that you prefer. This can give outstandingly smooth footage, pans, and tilts.

4. Legs

The legs provide the tripod with its support and control. Look for a solid structure rather than something that is flimsy. The feet of a tripod are usually made from non-slip rubber. If you will be using the tripod outdoors ,look for a foot combination of rubber and spike as this can help when filming in rough terrain.

5. Budget

There are many makes and models of professional tripod to choose from. It is important to look for a tripod with the technical specifications that meet your requirements. Buying an unsuitable tripod because it fits the budget can be a false economy in the long run.