Top 5 Tips - Buying a Cosmetic Laser

Posted By Richard Barker on 07 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

There are many options to choose from when considering which cosmetic laser to buy and as it is the type of purchase that you do not make very often, the final decision can prove a tough one to make. To help, here are five tips to consider when thinking about buying a used cosmetic laser.

1.    Repairs

One of the first things to consider when looking for a cosmetic laser is what sort of after sales service does the company offer? They should offer a quality and fast repair service just in case something goes wrong with the equipment and an emergency repair option should be available in case the repairs are going to be needed ASAP.

2.    Training

When choosing which laser company to go with, it should be taken into consideration what training is offered before you buy. The company should be willing to train all relevant staff as a part of the purchase and be ready to provide further training should advancements in the field call for it.

3.    Warranty

It should be a standard feature but check to see if the various parts are under warranty. Not only should repairs be performed promptly, but also the cost of parts failing in an unreasonably short period should be covered by the laser manufacturer.

4.    Quality

Cosmetic lasers come in a variety of quality standards so verify available specifications to obtain the most suitable product at the right price. To purchase the best will cost a little more as with any product but it is important to ensure the best possible value for money.

5.    Background Check

When making any major purchase, it is worth doing a background check on the company selling it and the product itself. Look them up on the internet and in particular, check the testimonials on their website and any information on them from previous consumers you can find.