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Brittany D.

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Gallmeyer & Livingston Model F
Listing Reference:

Stock No. 7224: 24” x 96” Gallmeyer & Livingston Grand Rapids Model F surface grinder
S/N 1032496 (1968)
1. Table travel: 106”
2. Cross travel: 29-1/2”
3. Vertical travel: 27”
4. Distance under 20”wheel to top of table: 25”
5. Distance centerline of spindle to bottom of spindle housing: 5”
6. Incremental down feed.
7. Magnetic chuck size: 24” x 96” electro-magnet
8. Hub size: 12”
9. Wheel size: 20” x 6” x 12”
10. Has a high end filtration system which has been rebuilt
11. Koolant Kooler chiller
12. Acu-Rite DRO in vertical axis
13. Electrical:
a. Spindle motor: 30 HP (40 HP by today’s standards)
b. Hydraulic motor: 20 HP
c. Coolant motor: 1/4 HP
d. Vertical feed motor: ¾ HP
14. Weight: 42,000 lbs.

The machine is in excellent operating condition! New crescents on the rear flat way indicates to
me that the original scraping had worn smooth and they tried to improve the bearing quality by
putting crescents on the ways. We scraped those ways once in each direction at 45 degrees to improve
the bearing quality and then put new crescents in both directions close together. The original scraping
on the front “V” can be seen under the newer crescents and gives the way sufficient bearing quality.
The scraping on the bottom of the table was dealt with likewise. The original scraping on the vertical
ways appears to be unworn at the top, middle and bottom. Likewise the dovetails on the “Y”- axis.
We have removed the table and sandblasted the top to bare metal, primed and painted it with a two
part epoxy paint. 85% of the paint was in excellent condition. The paint was coming off the top of the
saddle on the left side and the lower vertical way keeper plates. We have sanded those surfaces down
to the original metal and primed them. The coolant trough in the base took two days to chisel out the
swarf. The entire machine was lightly sanded and sprayed with epoxy paint to a high gloss factory
finish. This machine is similar to a Mattison Die Block grinder in design and should be capable of
removing at least twice the material per unit of time as any of the new imported machines from Asia.

The spindle bearings are very quiet and the spindle coasts for a considerable time after being shut
off. The coolant filtration system has been entirely rebuilt.

The machine will be guaranteed for 120 days. We believe the machine will hold .0009 or better on
12 blocks spaced two feet apart on the magnetic chuck and we will grind in the table, bottom of chuck
and chuck top to determine the exact tolerances. Please see attached picture of a Mattison grinder we
recently remanufactured and retrofitted with a Fagor CNC control.

Price: $165,000.00 plus crane cost to load

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Gallmeyer & Livingston Model F.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Brittany D.

Member since: December 2013

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