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GOLDWIND S48 750kW Wind Turbine
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Brand New GOLDWIND S48/750 Industrial Wind Turbine 750kW (50Hz) Includes Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Rotor, Blades and Controller .
The GOLDWIND S48/750 is a stall regulated IEC Class I wind turbine based on the Danish HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbine) design concept and operates with a three bladed ‘upwind’ rotor driving an asynchronous 750kW generator. The turbine is built under a direct manufacturing license from Jacobs GmbH, Germany (now RePower AG Germany) and its artless design makes the GOLDWIND S48/750 one of the most reliable and robust wind turbine systems available today.

The GOLDWIND S48/750 is a rigidly built 750kW turbine providing high yields especially at sites with low to medium wind speeds due to its low Start-Up-Wind Speed rate of only 3.5m/sec. This quality built turbine is also suitable for locations with challenging logistical conditions or space-restricted areas.

The GOLDWIND S48/750 has full International IEC61400-1 Standard Certification for Wind Turbine Design and is certified by Germanischer Lloyd for compliance on industrial wind turbine designs.

Technical Specifications

* Rated Power 750kW
* Rotor Diameter 50m
* Hub Height 50m
* Type Upwind – Stall – Aerodynamic Tip
* Start-Up-Wind Speed 3.5m/s
* Rated Wind Speed 14 -15m/s
* Cut-Out Wind Speed 25m/s
* Survival Wind Speed 70m/s
* Original Jacobs JE 48/750 design
* Life Expectancy 20+ years


* Type Three-Bladed Turbine
* Diameter – 50 m
* Reinforced Fiber Glass Resin
* Wind Direction – Upwind
* Rotational Direction – Clock-wise

Gear Box / Generator

* Gear Box - Two stage – with planetary and spur gear
* Transmission Ratio - 1 83.916
* 3 phase Asynchronous Generator
* Rated Voltage 690V
* Rated Current 690A


* Conical Tubular Steel
* Height 47.28 m
* Sections 2 (3 and 4 sections tower options available)

Brake system

* Primary Brake System – 3 Aerodynamic Tip
* Secondary Brake System – 2 Brake Discs on High-Speed Shaft

With the GOLDWIND S48/750’s highly competitive pricing, you will find it difficult to find a complete wind turbine system of this class with a better $ to KW ratio anywhere in the market. High ROI (Return on Investment) can be achieved within only 7-8 years depending on wind conditions in your area.

This ‘workhorse’ turbine is suitable to supply electricity for factories, feeding into your local grid, low cost up-scaling, as an addition to existing wind farms or to feed back to your own business property generating a steady income for you year on year for the next 20+ years.

The key customer benefits of the GOLDWIND S48/750 are reliability, productivity and 100% grid compatibility.

The GOLDWIND S48/750 provides a high degree of operational availability and comes with optional warranty packages of either 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Extended warranty packages up to 5 years as well as a ‘97% Guaranteed Uptime for the first 2 Years’ Warranty Package is also available.

Complete systems starting from only $410,000.00 – FOB seaport Tianjin

Technical Description

The separated main shaft and gearbox design, gives the GOLDWIND S48/750 a relatively light weight and makes the turbine very easy and convenient to maintain.

The GOLDWIND S48/750 comes with a torsion ally stiff backlash-free coupling system fitted between the gearbox and the 750kW generator which gives the GOLDWIND S48/750 a number of advantages over other conventional wind turbine designs of this class.

* It makes the GOLDWIND S48/750 a ‘Single Cardanic Design’
* Assures that only angular or axial misalignment can occur
* It provides extreme high tensional stiffness between gearbox and generator
* It gives the GOLDWIND S48/750 a very compact design

The GOLDWIND S48/750 is fitted with an Active Yawing System and in connection with its Active Damping Control, the system controls the turbine with extremely steady and consistent yawing movements under any given weather or wind condition.

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this GOLDWIND S48 750kW Wind Turbine.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Ralph R.

Member since: August 2011

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