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Heidelberg Linoscan 2400XL
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LinoScan 2400XL Data Sheet
Scan Type:Single-pass flatbed scanner with built-in transparency unit, Dual Lens System Originals: Reflective, transparency, color, b/w, contone and lineart, positive/ negative film
Scan area: Max: 305 x 432 mm (reflective) and 305 x 400 mm/Trans: at 800 x 2400 dpi, Max:105 x 432 mm (reflective) and 105 x 400 mm (transparency) at 2400 x 2400 dpi
Scaling: 10 –1200 % in High Res mode, 10 –400 % in Standard Res mode
Scanning Resolution: High Res mode:Optical resolution 2400 x 2400 dpi, interpolated 14,400 x 14,400 dpi;
Standard Res:Optical Res. 800 x 2400 dpi, interpolated 4800 x 4800 dpi Number of CCD elements: 10,500 Light source: Cold-light cathode lamp Maximum density: 3.7 D
Signal Res: 42 bit (14 bit per color) Gray scales:16,384 Input/output buffer: 8 MB Interface: SCSI-II
Voltage: 100 –240 Volt
Power Consumption: Approx. 60 Watt
Ambient temperature: -20 – 50 ºC during storage, 18 – 27 ºC in operation
Relative humidity: 20 –85 %, non-condensing
Noise Level: Below 55 dB (in operation)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 908 x 216 x 564 mm Weight: Approx. 30 kg Approvals/standards: GS, CSA, NRTL/C, GOST/CE, FCC, ACN, CNS.
Software Supported: Linocolor Elite 6.0.9/Mac OS-9
Software Supported: SilverFast Ai 6.0-PRO/Mac OS-X/Windows-2000XP

Product Reviews
Heidelberg Linoscan F2400 XL [MacUser]
COMPANY: Heidelberg PRICE: £4995 (£5870 inc VAT)
RATING: ISSUE: 16 8 DATE: Apr 00

Verdict: Powerful, versatile 2400dpi scanner that delivers top-quality results for in-house prepress.

The design industry's move away from bureaux and towards bringing the colour scanning process in-house has prompted Heidelberg to enhance its high-end professional range of flatbed scanners. Now, for a little under £5000, any studio or production desk can own an A3+ device capable of capturing images at 2400dpi.

The Linoscan F2400 XL is Heidelberg's popular Circon product under a different guise. The size and case styling is the same, occupying nearly a 1m x 1.5m desktop footprint and, of course, the transparency adaptor lid comes as standard in the price. The full reflective scan bed area is a generous 432mm x 305mm (standard A3 is just 420mm x 297mm), and you can spread out your transparencies across the same width and a slightly shortened length of 400mm.

It's generally a better idea to keep transparencies down the centre rather than at the edges of the plate, which also means you can take advantage of the Linoscan F2400 XL's DoubleLens feature. By focusing on a narrower 105mm strip down the full length of the plate, the basic 800 x 2400 pixel resolution of the CCD scanning head can be boosted to a genuine optical 2400 x 2400 pixels. This applies to reflective scanning as well as transparencies but, of course, the most useful application lies with the latter, where you are more likely to want enlargements without losing definition.

The machine comes with the usual assortment of transparency holders, but includes one for mounted frames. With a slide in place, the film is a few millimetres above the surface of the scanning plate, which would normally lead to out-of-focus results.

In common with several high-end machines, the Linoscan F2400 XL can auto-focus into the target crop nicely with a feature called EverSharp. In our tests, this worked so well that the product managed to capture every tiny scratch, hair and speck of dust. Unless you want to be slaving

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over Photoshop's Dust & Scratches and Unsharp Mask filters every time, you might be better off unmounting your slides and cleaning them properly using a standard transparency holder for scanning.

All our test results were of a very high standard and we were particularly surprised by the acceptable quality of 35mm tranny scans. There's evidence of mottling in flat-colour areas but this is a trait of many Heidelberg scanners, as they sense the slightest tonal variance that other devices tend to ignore. This scanner is rated at 3.7D for maximum density, which implies a much better than average ability to perceive differences in shadow areas. Reducing the sharpen filter level in the capture module cuts down on mottling.

The Linoscan F2400 XL is supplied with a copy of LinoColor Elite 6.0, a simplified version of Heidelberg's prepress application, LinoColor. It's a powerful package for capturing and improving images which, in certain ways, is more advanced than Photoshop alone for image-wide colour enhancement. LinoColor Elite works in LAB colour space to maximise the potential of the 42-bit capture of the scanner, only converting to RGB or CMYK when you want to send your image for output or use with other packages. Photoshop die-hards might find LinoColor too unfamiliar to be bothered with, but Heidelberg includes an Import plug-in so you can operate the scanner from within Photoshop. Of course, you do lose all the LinoColor functionality.

LinoColor Elite 6.0 now works exclusively with ICC (ColorSync-compatible) profiles for its colour management, letting you edit and embed profiles into images before passing them on. Heidelberg bundles a copy of ScanOpen ICC Lite 2.1, as well as reflective and transparency IT8 calibration targets, so you can produce your own scanner profiles. You will need Internet access to download the appropriate colour reference data files for the IT8 targets from Kodak's FTP site.

Our problem with LinoColor 6.0 was that it conflicted with something on our test machine, a Power Mac G3 running Mac OS 9. The effect was to slow down the updating of on-screen palettes and dialog windows, although scanning itself was unaffected.

Head-scratching over this conflict aside, the pairing of LinoColor and the Linoscan F2400 XL is hugely satisfying. Being able to obtain great results from anything from 35mm trannies to A3 artwork, not to mention bulky materials, make this a versatile device for serious in-house prepress.

By Alistair Dabbs

This comes with LinoColor Elite 6.9 for Mac Osx 9.2 and Lasersoft Silverfast Ai iT8
software for Mac Osx 10.4.11 Tiger and/or Leopard

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Errol S.

Member since: May 2008

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