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What is Kitmonodo? is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used equipment. We provide a safe, fraud-free platform for our users to buy and sell.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2006.

Who Buys and Sells on Kitmondo?

Buyers and sellers throughout the world use the marketplace including businesses, corporations, universities, public organisations and equipment dealers.

Are you members of any trade organizations?

We are proud members of several trade bodies, including:

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • American Chemical Society
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals
  • The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

I am a buyer, how does Kitmondo protect me?

If you buy from a seller on Kitmondo, the equipment is delivered to your premises before your money is released to the seller. This will protect you from non-delivery or delivery of incorrect or faulty equipment.

I am a seller, how does Kitmondo protect me?

Kitmondo will collect full payment from the buyer before you ship the equipment. This will protect you from non-payment or incomplete payment.

How much does it cost?

Buyers: There are no charges to use Kitmondo.

Sellers: Kitmondo charges a commission when you complete a successful sale. There are no other costs. To view our commission rates, please click Kitmondo Commission Rates

Do I have to register?

Searching the equipment listings and making initial enquiries on Kitmondo doesn't require registration. However, if you want to continue to communicate with a seller after you initial enquiry you will need to create a login. We will prompt you to do this when you receive a message from a seller.

If you want to list equipment for sale you will need to register first – please visit our Sell Used Equipment pages

How do I find equipment on Kitmondo?

There are several ways to locate equipment on the site. The quickest way is by entering the manufacturer name or model name of the item you're looking for into the search box that you will find on every page of the Kitmondo website. This will present you with all the relevant results for your search.

Alternatively, if you're not sure of the model name/number or if you want to perform a more general search then click on the Used Equipment Categories link at the top of the page and click on the most relevant category to your requirement.

How can I narrow my search?

On each equipment category page you will see a list of sub-categories. Click on any of the links to dig down to the most relevant category. You will also see a list of the most prominent equipment brands on the left of the page.

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?

Simply click here and enter the email address you used during registration. We will forward your password to you


How do I contact the seller of a piece of equipment I’m interested in?

Each For Sale listing has an “Ask the Seller a Question” button. Click the button and fill in the form to ask any the seller any questions about the equipment. We will forward your enquiry to the seller for reply.

How will I receive the seller’s response?

As soon as the seller replies to your enquiry we will send you an email notification. The email will contain a link to the Your Messages dashboard on Kitmondo where you can read and reply to the seller’s message and open any attachments.

How can I make an offer for a piece of equipment?

You will find a “Make an Offer” link on the notification emails we send to you when you are communicating with a seller. They are also displayed on the Your Message page on and on the original listing itself.

To make an offer, click the “Make an Offer” link and complete the form. We will send your offer to the seller and email you as soon as they have responded.

How do I add the shipping price?

Before you use “Make an Offer” or “Buy it Now” you should ask the seller to give you a shipping quotation so you know the total cost to buy and ship the equipment to your premises. Simply ask them in a message or use the shipping request tool, which you will find at the bottom of the message reply box on the Your Messages page.

Can I just accept the listed price and buy it straight away?

We can’t guarantee availability of the equipment listed so you will need to first ask the seller if the piece of equipment is still available for sale. If it is, simply click the “Buy it Now” link in your email notification or on the Your Message page and complete the form.

We will email the seller and check that they are happy to go ahead with the sale and then email you with a link to a Transaction Summary page.

What is the Transaction Summary?

The Transaction Summary shows all the information about your intended purchase including price, description and any other notes the seller has provided. It also contains the legal terms and conditions of the transaction.

When the seller accepts your offer we will email you a link to a Transaction Summary page for you to review and agree online.

When does the transaction become binding?

When both you and the seller have clicked the I Accept button on your Transaction Summary page.

How do I make payment for the equipment?

By bank transfer to Kitmondo’s client account. One of our payments team will contact you to confirm the payment process after the Transaction Summaries are agreed.

Can I use any other payment type (e.g. credit card, PayPal)?

Unfortunately not. The only way we can keep both you and the seller 100% safe is by using bank transfers.

How long do I have to inspect the equipment?

You have three business days to inspect the equipment from the date and time the equipment arrives at your premises.

How do you establish the time and date of equipment arrival?

All equipment must be shipped using a third party shipping company that provides online tracking. We use the shipper’s delivery time and date as the start of the three-day inspection period.

What do you define as a business day?

A business day is a United States business day i.e. Monday to Friday, but excluding public holidays.

What should I do when the equipment arrives?

You should inspect the equipment as soon as possible. Remember, you have a maximum of three business days to inspect.

What should I do if I am happy with the equipment?

If you are happy with the equipment and do not want to wait until the end of the three day inspection period, simply email us at and we will complete the transaction by forwarding payment to the seller.

What happens if the equipment arrives and it’s faulty or not as described?

If you want to reject the equipment you should notify the equipment seller and Kitmondo within the three-day inspection period. You then have the right to return the equipment to the seller.

Who is responsible for shipping if I reject the equipment?

You are responsible for shipping the equipment back to the seller at you own cost.

Can I reject the equipment after the three-day inspection period?

No. Once the inspection period has expired the transaction is completed and the payment is released to the seller.

When will I receive title to the equipment?

Once the inspection period has ended. You will receive an invoice from the seller.


How much equipment can I list?

As much as you like. There are no limits on the amount of equipment you can list on Kitmondo. See the Listings section to learn more about listing your equipment.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

People buy from people so adding a profile photo will increase the number of enquiries you receive. To add you photo, simply Login, click the My Kitmondo button, then click Profile. Under Upload Avatar, click Select File and upload your chosen image.

How will potential buyers contact me?

Buyers will contact you using the "Ask the Seller a Question” feature displayed on each of your equipment listings. You will receive an email notification from us when you have a buyer enquiry.

How do I communicate with a potential buyer?

All your messages and enquiries from buyers are available in the Your Messages pages on We’ll send you an email notification every time you receive a message - simply login to read the message and to send your reply.

Can I send attachments?

Yes. There is an Add Attachment button beneath the reply field in Your Messages.

Why can’t I speak with or email the buyer directly?

In order for us to create a 100% safe trading environment we require buyers and sellers to communicate through Kitmondo. This enables us to identify fraudulent behaviour and protects you from non-authentic buyers.

How do I sell equipment on Kitmondo?

When buyers are interested in your equipment they will use the "Make an Offer" feature to get the ball rolling. We'll email you when you have an offer - then it's up to you if you want to accept the deal.

What is a Deal page?

Your Deal page shows you the offer price from a buyer or, if they’ve selected Buy it Now, confirms the price you originally listed the equipment at. You can review the pricing and then decide whether to accept or to make a counter offer.

What happens next if I accept an offer from a buyer?

When you click the I Accept button on the Deal page you will be taken to a page containing the Transaction Summary. This summary includes the pricing, equipment description and the terms and conditions relating to your sale. If you are happy to proceed with the sale you should click the I Accept button.

What happens next if I accept the Transaction Summary?

We will email the buyer and ask them to review and accept the same transaction summary. Once they have accepted the summary, the deal is confirmed. We will email you a confirmation when this happens and a member of our team will contact you to help manage the rest of the process.

What happens if I make a counter offer to a buyer?

We will send your counter offer to the buyer and ask them to decide if they want to go ahead. They can also make a counter offer to you.

How does payment work?

Kitmondo collects full payment from the buyer before the equipment leaves your premises. Once the Transaction Summaries are accepted we will ask the buyer to make payment into our secure client account. Once funds are received and cleared, we will email you and ask you to ship the equipment.

When will I receive payment for my equipment?

We will wire transfer payment to you as soon as the buyer's three day inspection period is completed. Depending upon which bank you use, wire transfers typically take 24-36 hours to arrive in your account.

How long does the Buyer have to inspect my equipment?

Three business days from the date/time of arrival at their premises.

How easily can the Buyer reject my equipment?

As long as your equipment is as you've described it you have nothing to worry about. Buyers can only reject equipment if there are undeclared faults, damage or missing items.

What if my equipment has a fault that I'm unaware of?

In our experience, minor issues can usually be resolved after the buyer receives your equipment. Buyers are motivated to keep the equipment rather than send it back, so if there is a small problem you will typically be able to find a solution.

What happens if the buyer rejects my equipment outright?

The buyer is responsible for shipping the equipment back to you as soon as possible - and at their own cost. We hold the buyer's funds until you have received and inspected the returned equipment.

Can I find out who the Buyer is?

Yes. Once you and the buyer accept the Transaction Summaries, we will send you each other’s contact information.

Why do I to have use a shipping company with online tracking?

In order to measure the inspection period accurately, we need to confirm exactly when the equipment arrives at the buyer's premises. Online tracking enables us (and you) to see when it arrives.

Can I deliver the equipment to the Buyer myself?

Unfortunately not. We need to be able to track the shipment online so you must use a shipping company with online tracking to deliver the equipment.

How much does it cost to sell equipment on Kitmondo?

Kitmondo charges a commission when you complete a successful sale. The rates depend on the selling price of the equipment:

  • $0-25,000 = 9%
  • $25,001-$100,000 = 7%
  • over $100,000 = 5%

(or equivalent amount in Euro or GB£)


How do I create a listing for a single piece of equipment?

Login and click the My Kitmondo link in top right of the page, then click the Listings link and the Create a New Listing link.

How do I create listings in bulk?

To upload multiple pieces of equipment we need you to email us a spreadsheet with the following information in separate columns:

  • Equipment Category Name
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Model Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Age
  • Photo file name

Email the list and you photos (in jpg format) to and we will upload it to on your behalf.

How do I edit my equipment listings?

On your My Listings page you will see all your equipment listings and next to each listing there is an edit link. Clicking the button takes you to the editing page.

How do I delete a listing?

Each of your listings has a cross “X” beside it. Click the cross to delete a listing.

How can I improve the performance of my equipment listings?

Potential buyers are most attracted to equipment listings that include the following:

  • several photos
  • a video
  • a full description
  • the seller’s profile photo
  • a fair price

Can I suggest a new category or sub-category of equipment?

We are always keen to receive suggestions for new categories so if you can't find a relevant category why not send us your ideas to