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Ikegami HK-399W / HK-399PW
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seoul, KR

Ikegami Camera :1) HK-399W - 4set
Canon Standard Lens - J55 X 13.59 B - 1set
J55 X 9 B IE - 2set
J45 X 9.5 B IE -1set
Vinten Tripod - Standrade - 4set

2) HK-399PW - 4set
Fujinon EFP Lens - A13X4.5BERM - 1set
A18X7.6BERM - 1set
A22X7.8BERM - 2set
Sachtler 20P Tripod - EFP

Listing Description 14bit Full Digital SDTV Camera System, 14-bit A/D converter

Model Details
The HK-399PW is a state-of-the-art SDTV system incorporating the industry-first 14-bit A/D converter. It is the ultimate SDTV camera, employing the same ASIC as that of an HDTV camera and an AIT chip that achieves a smear level superior to that of an FIT. With its small, lightweight body and low power consumption, the camera provides superb picture quality under a range of environments

AIT (Advanced Interline Transfer) CCD
Newly developed AIT (Advanced Interline Transfer) CCD offers high sensitivity of f11 and very low smear levels of -135dB with 100,000 times lighting condition. This figure actually exceeds that of FIT chip. (*NOTE: Some manufacturers announce the smear level with only 500 times lighting condition. Ikegami, however, measures with 100,000 times lighting to have more precise figure.)

Low Power Consumption
At approx. 10W, the ultra-low power consumption is attributable to the newest Digital Process ASIC and its signal processing. This significantly reduces the amount of heat generated by the camera components, thus improving stability and extending useful life. The power consumption is virtually half of the landmark HK-388P.

Compact and Lightweight
The camera is ergonomically designed with a low profile for stable on-shoulder operation. Because of the low profile, an operator can glance to his 'blind side' for situational awareness in crowded areas. The shoulder pad is made of non-slip material, and the camera weighs only 2.3 kg (excluding lens, VF and TA).

Full Auto Setup
As with previous Ikegami HK series cameras, the HK-399W/HK-399PW has a FULL AUTO setup function. By performing FULL AUTO setup, the complete setup for video including lens, optical block and CCD can be executed automatically. When needed, LEVEL AUTO setup adjusts only for video level (excluding shading). Another feature, QUICK AUTO is a setup that does not require an external chart. As such, this camera includes precise and automatic camera maintenance functions that are very versatile.

Prompt Software Update via SmartMedia
Until now, updating camera software has been cumbersome and time-consuming. Software for the HK-399PW camera head can easily be sent via e-mail and stored to SmartMedia. Then the memory card can simply be inserted into the camera head and uploaded. Quick...simple...dependable!

Extensive Detail Processing
In addition to conventional detail processing, several detail features have been added to the HK-399W/PW. Diagonal Detail, Wide-Band Detail, New Skin Detail, New Slim Detail, Vertical Slim Detail and Clear Viewfinder Detail provide extended capabilities to the camera system operator.

Universal Color Control
This color correction function gives the operator subjective control of hue and saturation of the six color vectors, without disturbing the linear matrix set up. A unique addition to the system is auto detection (AHD) for two specific colors chosen by the operator. After selecting, the hue, saturation, and luminance level of the custom colors is under operator control.

Triple Layer Filter
The triple-layer internal filter system can be remotely controlled from OCP/MCP. The three layers are ND (100%, 25%, 6.2%, 1.6%), EFF (Clear, Cross, Snow Cross, Soft Focus) and Electronic Color Compensation (ECC, 3200K/4300K/6300K/8000K).

Super KNEE System
The color reproduction in high luminance areas is improved since the high luminance signal is digitally processed with a super KNEE System after it is reconverted to a linear signal. This system retains the color in the highlight area where it is washed out in conventional cameras.
SE-S500 System Expander
The available SE-S500 System Expander allows the
HK-399PW to be operated as a studio camera.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

James S.

Member since: February 2013

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