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Andrea T.

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MicroManipulator Inc. 6200 Probe Test Station
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6200 Probe Test Station

The 6200 probe station is one of Micromanipulator's most popular probing station models. It is designed to provide an instrument that can in application in both high precision analytical probing and general probing task for a single die or packaged device.

Features and Benefits:

• Coaxial, coarse/fine stage controls with fast stage pullout
• Fast platen lift and lock (3 positions) with coupled microscope lift with adjustable delay
• Highly stable, vibration isolated microscope post
• 1" x 1" X, Y microscope translation
• Separate microscope lift and lock mechanism
• Platen fine lift (jackscrew drive) 0.3 µm per degree
• Rigid platen with webbed construction and linear lift accepts magnetic or vacuum based manipulators

System Components:
a. test station with fat stage pullout feature.
b. allows fast transition across wafer or easy loading of sample while maintaining precise positioning in probing area.
a. large stainless steel (magnetic) platen surface
b. accepts up to 10 magnetic or vacuum based manipulators.
c. provides 10 BNC style or optional tri-axial probe signal strain reliefs.
Platen Control Features:
a. range of fine travel in 1.187" (30mm) with 1.187" (30mm) of microscope lift delay.
b. fine left resolution is 0.3 µm
c. fast lift view fast lift lever positioned at the left side of the probe station with 3 locking up positions.
d. Platen fine left allows submicron adjustment of probe or probe card vertical position.

X-Y Stage Movement:
a. Convenient fine and coarse stage movement in X and Y axis, with fast pullout stage feature for changing devices.

Vacuum stage:
a. 6-inch wafer chuck gold plated
b. 360° chuck Theta rotation with coarse or fine control
c. Chuck surface is electrically connected to a BNC connector at left rear of probe station.
d. Single point grounding standard.
e. Flatness equal ? 12 microns
f. Electrical isolation exceeds 1010 Ohms at 500 x DC(standard chuck)

X and Y axis range 6" x 6" (150nm x 150nm)
40 µm/degree coarse resolution
1.7 µm/degree fine resolution
1" x 1" x 2", X,Y, and Z axis range
Standard Precision (programmable) ± 2.5 µm Repeatability & accuracy
Advanced Precision (programmable) ± 1.5 µm
Repeatability & Accuracy
0.1 µm resolution, motorized or programmable
12.5 µm resolution, standard manual
1.7 µm resolution, high resolution manual
1" (25.4mm) Z axis range
1" (25.4mm) Microscope life delay
0.3 µm/degree fine lift resolution
± 12 µm Surface flatness
360 degrees Theta range
Facility Requirements:
Power 100-240 v AC
1.0/0.5 ampere
60/50 Hz
Vacuum 20 inch Hg
Test Station Dimensions:
Footprint (width x depth)
22.75" x 23.35" (57.7 x 59.3cm)
Weight 246LB
Material: machine aluminum plate and magnetic stainless

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Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Andrea T.

Member since: September 2013

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