A New Slide Film on Electric Arc Welding Technique

Posted By Tom Feltham on 02 May 2014

Posted in The Vintage Machinery Almanac

A new slide film has been prepared by The Lincoln Electric Company, Limited, of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, as an addition to the series of slide films which they lend (with the necessary projector), to technical schools, engineering societies and private firms, etc., for lecturing purposes. This new film is entitled “Better Products and Lower Production Costs with the Modern Arc Welding Technique."

Certain aspects of electric arc welding are important to every engineer and every firm desirous of obtaining the maximum benefits from the use of the electric arc welding process would benefit from this slide film on welding technique. The film portrays the various types of arc and the various machine settings which are necessary for different welding applications.

The theory of volt-ampere curves is explained and illustrated, and the film explains to engineers and welders exactly what happens during the welding operation and the effect which different machine settings can have upon speed and efficiency of welding.