Philips Sodium Lighting in Use by the Steel Industry

Posted By Tom Feltham on 14 May 2014

Posted in The Vintage Machinery Almanac

This article first appeared in Practical Engineering 1940 Vol1 No4. The contents herein is accurate as of 1940. The article describes various new equipment used by the Engineering industry at the time.


During the last few years sodium electric-discharge lighting has been installed extensively for industrial lighting of various types. A typical installation is that at the plant of the Lancashire Steel Corporation, Ltd., Irlam Works, where one of the first installations of sodium lighting was placed in the main foundry.

Although the energy consumption of the sodium scheme is 60 per cent lower than that of the system used previously, the light intensity has been raised from a maximum of one foot candle to a uniform level of five foot candles.

Philips “Philora” Lamps

Experience having proved the worth of sodium lighting in the main foundry, the system has since been extended to many other departments. Philips “Philora" sodium lamps and control gear are used throughout, and were supplied by the Manchester branch of Philips Lamps, Ltd.