Buying the Right Nikon Camera: Specifications, Equipment Reviews and More

Posted By Richard Jefferson on 05 December 2014

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An informed purchase is the best purchase. It keeps the buyer and seller happy. By knowing as much as possible about the product the buyer knows they have made the right purchase and of course the seller is assured that there will be no unwanted returns.

This Nikon camera buyers guide has been created for that exact reason, to provide a central resource hub for Nikon camera research. We have compiled this set of resources to match all types of Nikon camera buyer, so whether you are a seasoned photographer or just starting out the information detailed below will be beneficial.

Founded in 1917 as Nippon Kogaku, adopting Nikkor as brand name in 1932 for it’s camera lenses and eventually becoming the brand Nikon for it’s small sized camera range in 1946. Today Nikon is a globally recognised brand for cameras, microscopes, optics and more. Read more about Nikon.

This section offers a range of camera review resources, some solely on Nikon cameras while others offer reviews by means of a comparison with other camera manufacturers. Check the description to help you decide which one is right for you based upon useability, technical level amongst other aspects.

Database of Camera Tests (DXO Mark) - This is a well populated camera test database that allows you to select cameras for comparison based upon several characteristics including; brand, resolution, price and format.Great for people who like to know a product has undergone testing as part of a review.

Easy Use Camera Review Site (Digital Photography Review) - A camera review resource with great search function. Allows users to select camera type based on basic body icons then narrow down into the exact camera review you require. A great site for users with a basic knowledge of cameras.

Review Site for Precise Specifications (What Digital Camera) - Impartial camera review site, the mixture of filter options allows users to access reviews to very precise camera specifications. Great for those who want to know exact specifications alongside reviews.

Best Nikon SLR Article (Techradar) - Offering a ranking of 11 Nikon SLR cameras, with their opinions on which is the best based on general specifications, cost and testing. Concluding with recommendations based on individual camera user ability. Great for people who know what time of photos they want to take but not which camera will suit them.

Nikon Camera Reviews and Info (Ken Rockwell) - Nikon camera reviews including sample images from each individual Nikon camera. A good site for people wanting to see what sort of photos the camera is capable of taking.

Nikon Camera Reviews (CNET) - A large camera database of reviews with easy to use filters for manufacturer, camera type, optical sensor, weight and more. Useful for people who want to narrow their search based on specific technical elements.

Guide to Nikon Digital DSLRs (Digital SLR Guide) - Offering an overview of many different types of Nikon DSLR cameras and a Cannon alternative. A great site for people wanting Nikon camera information that they can easily compare with an alternative brand.

After the camera itself, the lens is arguably the next most important piece of camera equipment. Therefore making an informed purchase is crucial, below is large resource of different lens reviews.

How to Choose the Right Lens (Camera Labs) - Help choosing the right Nikkor lens, including compatibility with existing cameras and for the type of photo you’re wanting to take. Great for people new to selecting the right lens.

Lens Reviews (What Digital Camera) - Individual lens reviews detailing price among other factors, also giving an overall rating a as a percentage. Great for people wanting an overall view of a lens without having to look too much into specifications.

Nikon Lens Tests and Reviews (SLR Gear) - A host of reviews as submitted by actual users of the equipment. Use this site if you want the opinions from people who have used the lenses themselves.

Choosing the Right Nikon Lens (NPhoto Magazine) - Reviews and guides based around finding the right lens for each individual camera and user. This site is useful for those looking for a lens but unsure which type they need.

Sometimes the basics isn't enough. Here we have compiled resources for more in-depth research, you can find specific Nikon equipment weights, serial numbers amongst many other technical aspects.

Nikon lens serial numbers and specifications (Photosynthesis) - A site that outlines a variety of specs for Nikon camera lenses, including focus types, diameter, length, weight and more. Useful for people interested in the exact specs of Nikon equipment.

Nikon Lens Database (Photography Life) - A database of Nikon lenses with search filters such as focal length, price and release date. Use this site if you have a particular lens specification you want more information on.

Nikon Lens Dictionary (Lens Database) - Helps reduce the anxiety regarding technical terms in Nikon lenses. Useful when you are unsure what some Nikon abbreviations mean.

Nikon Current DSLR Database (DSLR Bodies) - Database for the most recent Nikon DSLR cameras. Use this site for detailed specifications for more recent Nikon cameras.

Nikon Old DSLR Database (DSLR Bodies) - A link to archived specifications for older Nikon DSLR cameras. Useful for researching older Nikon DSLR camera specifications.

Nikon Product Manuals (Nikon Support) - PDF versions of Nikon camera models from the Nikon site. Useful for those who want the exact manual to match their camera.

It is important to know pricing of Nikon equipment, these resources are useful for finding specific model prices as well side by side comparisons with other camera manufacturers.

Price Monitor (Camel Camel Camel) - Useful site for monitoring camera prices on Amazon. An ideal way to get an idea of pricing trends for Nikon cameras. 

Camera Comparison (DigiCam DB) - Great camera comparison tool, just put in the brands and models to compare specifications side by side.

Having the security that you have made a legal purchase will always be an issue, use these resources below to ensure some peace of mind when buying your Nikon camera.

Stolen Camera Database (Stolen Camera Finder) - A great tool to use to find a stolen camera. Just enter the serial number stored in a photo and this will search the web for any photos matching that serial number. Use this tool for some buying security or to track down your own potentially stolen camera.

Guide to Finding a Stolen Camera  (Corporate Travel Safety) - A guide to finding a stolen camera. The advice in this article is useful for ensuring the camera you are considering buying isn’t stolen.

Once you have your Nikon camera it's all about learning how to get the best potential from it and how to resolve any issues. This section is offers guide to troubleshooting and handy hints and tips.

100 Nikon DSLR Tips (Digital Camera World) - With 100 tips on this site, there is bound to be something on here you didn’t know your camera did. Have a look at this site if you are wanting to get the most out of your Nikon camera.

Troubleshooting Nikon Cameras (Cameras - - A great troubleshooting guide offering advice to users new to Nikon cameras and experienced users coming across an unencountered problem. A good starting place for resolving errors with your camera.

Support Directly from Nikon (Nikon Support) - A link to Nikon support. Worthwhile keeping handy for when your searches have run dry.

Tips for Taking Good Pictures with a Nikon (Nikon DigiTutor) - An online tutor platform for a range of Nikon cameras. It has a watch and learn style platform and offers basic knowledge information, useful techniques with Nikon Cameras.

Camera Tips and Advice Including Nikon (Camera Tips) - Useful hints and tips for cameras in general. Plus some Nikon specific tips and tricks pages. A great site for people getting to know their camera.

For the people wanting to continue their learning. These resources are intended to give you even greater knowledge of Nikon cameras and lenses. Use these resources to join online discussions, find camera exhibitions as well Nikon research.

Nikon Forum (Nikon Forums) - A dedicated Nikon camera forum. Great for posting questions and comments about Nikon lenses and cameras.

Hundreds of Nikon Articles and Reviews (By Thom) - A huge database of Nikon articles, reviews and specification. No search or filter functions but a good resource if you know the Nikon model you are after.

Shutter Life Expectancy Research (Oleg Kikin) - Interesting site detailing camera life expectancy. If you are considering buying an older camera have a look here for an indication of the shutter condition.

PhotoKina - A photography trade show that occurs every 2 years in Cologne. A must for anyone with a passion for photography.

The Photography Show - Based in Birmingham, this is a yearly show across 4 days all about photography.

PhotoPlus Expo - New York based photography exhibition. With over 200 exhibits this would be a great show for everyone to attend.

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