Different Types of Pro Tripod

Posted By Tom Feltham on 07 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

There are a variety of professional tripods and related equipment designed to provide specialist support for professional filming. 

Tripod Kits

Ready-made tripod kits are the most common form of professional tripod to be used with video cameras whilst filming. Already assembled and sold as a complete kit, this is the most appropriate option for most people when purchasing a tripod. Characteristically made from Aluminium, tripod kits provide support and steady hold to achieve smooth and accurate filming.  With options for indoor and outdoor shooting, other varying factors include the load capacity of the tripod head, the height of the tripod legs and weight hold capability.

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Stable Balanced Tripods

With an inbuilt counterbalance system, Stable Balanced Tripods provide an additional function of balance ahead of most standard tripod models. The benefit of this is that the video camera can be positioned to the front or the back of the head, yet will stay horizontal and in a neutralised position due to the head’s spring support feature.

Carbon Fibre Tripods

An alternative to the standard aluminium material, Carbon Fibre tripods provide an advanced option that is becoming increasingly popular with film professionals. Stronger yet lighter than aluminium models, Carbon Fibre is therefore a popular choice for fieldwork.  

Tripod Heads

Typically, tripod heads contain liquid that gives the dampening effect of drag. Professional tripod heads provide control over the level of drag, either with a dial control for manual setting, or predefined stages with stepped fluid head models.

Tripod Dollies

Used to create movement when filming, especially on set, a tripod dolly can provide a superior professional finish in comparison to camera zoom technology. The tripod dolly can be used either with a set of track or directly on the ground.