Different Types of Satellite Amplifiers

Posted By Tom Feltham on 07 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

When a transmission signal becomes weak, there may be a need to install a satellite amplifier to increase the signal strength. There are three basic types of satellite amplifiers that will enhance the quality of the picture as well as the signal strength of the satellite.


These amplifiers are commonly referred to as boosters and are used to strengthen the signal at the satellite antenna itself. Using this type of amplifier will reduce the chances of a weak signal as the signal passes through the coax cable. To determine if this type of satellite amplifier is what is needed, connect a television with a quality coax cable to the antenna. If the reception is not clear, a preamplifier may be the way to go. Preamplifiers consist of two parts, a power source and the amplifier attached to the outdoor antenna.

Distribution Amplifier

This type of satellite amplifier is used indoors and helps to distribute the signal to multiple devices. To determine if this is the type of amplifier to be used, disconnect all splitters that are being used and connect one device (e.g. a broadcast monitor or television) to the antenna. If the reception is good, reconnect the splitters and check the reception again. If there is a difference between the clarity with and without the splitter, a distribution amplifier will help.

In-line Amplifier

This is the most common type of satellite amplifier. It will boost a signal that can get lost when long lengths of coax cable are used. These are generally small in size and cheaper than other amplifiers. This type of amplifier will increase clarity and signal strength and it is very easy to install.