Different Types of Used Camera Lens

Posted By Richard Barker on 07 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

The range of used camera lens options on the market can be overwhelming. However, many are designed for specific uses or are very similar to each other. Even so, finding the right lens requires some research and knowledge.


Most of the major companies sell telephoto lenses. A telephoto lens is a specific type of long focus lens, which is especially useful when shooting subjects such as sports and wildlife; in simple terms it is similar to a small telescope.  

Video Camera Lens

Another type of video camera lens that may be encountered is the ultra wide zoom lens, sometimes also called an ultra wide-angle lens. It is ideal for situations when the videographer wishes to shoot a subject that cannot be fitted into the viewfinder when a standard lens is attached to the camera; for example a group of people or a large building. The actual size of the lens depends on the size of the sensor in the video camera.

A standard or normal lens produces an image that is close to that seen by the human eye. The perspective of the lens makes the image look as natural as possible under normal viewing conditions. This is in contrast to many other lenses, which aim to produce specific, sometimes unnatural effects. Specifically, a standard lens is one that has a focal length that is more or less equal to the diagonal size of the sensor. This type of video camera lens has an angle of view of about 53° diagonally.