How to Inspect a Used Ultrasound Machine

Posted By Tom Cropper on 07 May 2014

Posted in Used Equipment Buyers Guides

Deciding on a particular type and model of used ultrasound machine can be difficult as there are many variations to choose from. Part of the problem is knowing what to look for when you are buying, so here are some helpful tips on how to inspect an ultrasound machine.

Mobile or Stationary

The first thing to look for is whether it is a mobile or stationary unit. If there is any chance that it will need to be used remotely, then a mobile one must be purchased but if not, then a stationary one would be preferable, as they tend to produce better scans and at a faster speed.  

Speed and Quality of Scans

Before buying, either, it is important to verify the quality of the scans and compare both their quality and speed to scans from other units that are under consideration.

Size and Weight

The size and weight should also be considered, as a mobile unit will have to be carried around by staff so should not be too heavy, and a fixed one might need to fit into a limited space.

General Condition and Technical Specifications

The ultrasound machine should be checked for general wear and tear if it is second-hand; to ensure it still has a decent shelf life. The power source, output, and requirements should also be inspected to make sure it is compatible with that of your business, especially if buying from an overseas provider online.  

Service History

A good idea when inspecting a second hand ultrasound machine is to look or evidence of a service history. A record should be kept of all repairs and services the unit has had. Check to see if it has a history of breaking down or if it has been serviced sufficiently in the past.  

A warranty or some sort of guarantee should come with the ultrasound machine to ensure it continues to function as a useful piece of medical equipment for as long as possible.