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No charge unless you make a sale Sell a single machine, a parcel of machines or a complete factory
Trade safely with National and International buyers Used by thousands of equipment sellers around the world
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Why Sell on Kitmondo?

Kitmondo is the world’s number one fraud-free marketplace for buyers and sellers of used equipment.

Thousands of Buyers Each Day

  • Genuine customers prefer to buy on a fraud-free marketplace
  • National and International buyers
  • Massive database of registered buyers waiting for equipment

No Upfront Costs

  • No listing fees, no monthly charges and no hidden upgrades
  • Unlimited listings
  • No fee unless you make a sale and fair commissions

100% Fraud Free

  • Full payment collected from the buyer before you ship your equipment
  • 100% fraud free since we launched in 2006

Multiple Sales Channels

  • List once on Kitmondo get several additional sales channels for free
  • Partner websites, social media and email
  • Maximise your sales

Commission Rates

If we don't help you make a successful sale we don't earn a bean - it's as simple as that!

Equipment Selling Price Commission Rate
$0 - $25,000 9%
$25,001-$100,000 7%
Over $100,000 5%

(or equivalent amount in Euro or GB£)

How Does it Work?

Thousands of used equipment sellers use the Kitmondo marketplace because they make great sales and are protected from fraud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much equipment can I list?
As much as you want. There are no limits on the amount of equipment you can list on Kitmondo.
How quickly will my equipment be visible on the site?
Immediately. Your equipment listing will be visible to buyers as soon as you create it.
Can I list my equipment in bulk?
Yes. If you have several pieces of equipment or wish to advertise your entire inventory simply list your equipment in a spreadsheet and email it across to us along with any photos. We'll then upload it to the website on your behalf. Pease include the following columns on your spreadsheet:
  1. 1. Equipment Category Name
  2. 2. Manufacturer’s Name.
  3. 3. Model number or number
  4. 4. Description.
  5. 5. Price.
Please send your spreadsheet to:
How does Kitmondo protect me from fraud?
Kitmondo will collect full payment from the buyer before you ship your equipment. This will protect you from non-payment or incomplete payment – the biggest risk to equipment sellers. To learn more about the way the marketplace works for sellers please visit How it Works for Sellers
Why should I trust Kitmondo?
We’ve been in business since 2006 and in that time no equipment seller has been the victim of non-payment after completing a transaction through the marketplace. Read what our customers say about using marketplace – what our customers say
Who buys equipment on Kitmondo?
Equipment buyers throughout the world use the marketplace including businesses, corporations, universities, public organisations and equipment dealers.
How will potential buyers contact me?
Buyers will contact you using the "Ask the Seller a Question” button displayed on each of your equipment listings. We’ll send you an email notification every time you receive a message - simply login to read the message and to send your reply to the buyer.
How do I sell equipment on Kitmondo?
When buyers are interested in your equipment they will use the “Make an Offer” or “Buy it Now” feature to get the ball rolling. We’ll email you when you have an offer - then it’s up to you if you want to accept the deal.
What happens if I accept an offer from a buyer?
Once you accept an offer, we will ask you (and the buyer) to review and agree to a transaction summary. This will show all the relevant information about your sale and will set the terms for the transaction.
When do you collect payment from the buyer?
As soon as you both agree the transaction summary we will collect full payment from the buyer. Then, and only then, we will ask you to ship your equipment.
What is the inspection period?
Buyers are given a three-day period to inspect equipment on their premises.
What is the benefit of the inspection period?
Allowing buyers to inspect equipment on their premises gives them the confidence to make offers for your equipment.
Is it a risk for me to ship equipment before I’ve received any money?
Remember, we collect payment for the equipment from the buyer before you ship the equipment. As long as your equipment arrives at the buyer’s premises and is how you’ve described it, you receive payment.
How quickly will I receive payment for my equipment?
As soon as the buyer's three-day inspection period is over, we will wire payment to you. Typically the money is in your account within 48 hours of the inspection period ending.
How easily can the buyer reject my equipment?
As long as your equipment is as you've described it you have nothing to worry about. Buyers can only reject equipment if there are undeclared faults, damage or missing items.
What if my equipment has a fault that I'm unaware of?
In our experience, minor issues can usually be resolved after the buyer receives the equipment. Buyers are motivated to keep the equipment rather than send it back, so you will typically be able to find a solution if there is a small problem.
What happens if the buyer rejects my equipment outright?
The buyer is responsible for shipping the equipment back to you as soon as possible - and at their own cost. We hold the buyer's payment until you have received and inspected the returned equipment.
Who pays for shipping?
Typically the buyer pays for the shipping. Once you have a buyer interested in your equipment we recommend you quote a separate amount for shipping so they understand the combined cost of the equipment and shipping.
Who arranges shipping?
Typically, as the seller, you will be responsible for arranging shipping although some buyers will organize it themselves. If you need help finding a shipper, simply let us know and we will make some recommendations.

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Ready to get your equipment in front of buyers? List Equipment Now Selling a Complete Plant or Factory? Please Click Here