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Crawler Crane Terex-DEMAG CC 2500-1 (max. lifting capacity 500 t at 9 m / 75%) with the following scope of supply:

Basic machine, consisting of:


? 3-section carrier (carbody and two crawlers),
? Carbody and crawler side frames fabricated of high-strength-fine-grain-structural steel
? Track shoes and idler tumblers are fabricated of heat-treated high-strength cast steel
? Hydraulic pin connected carbody and crawler side frames
? Quaddro drive
? Central ballast 40 to
? Hydraulic jacks to facilitate crawler assembly and disassembly
? Automatic centralized lubrication system for track rollers
? Power train trough planetary gear reduction and hydraulic motor (per crawler two hydro motors). Each crawler is infinitely variable controlled, both independently and in opposite direction
? Track width 7.80 m
? Track shoes 1.2 m wide
? Superstructure frame fabricated of high-strength fine-grain structural steel
? Triple-row roller bearing slew ring
? DaimlerChrysler diesel engine type OM 501 LA, 315 kW/420 PS, water cooled
? Stainless steel exhaust system
? Hoist drum H1 and second hoist drum H2 incl. drum rotation indicator, synchronizing and twist arrestor
? Boom hoist E, slew unit
? Running ropes - hoist rope H1, hoist rope H2, boom hoist rope E (2x)

? A-frame, (incl. hydraulic system to raise A-frame)
? Counterweight 160 t
? Comfortable cabin incl. air-condition, swing out type, tiltable
? Camera system for monitoring the rope drums
? Radio remote control for assembly
? Hydraulic pinning foot pin/main boom
? Self contained hot air heater
? Demag IC-1 control system incl. safe load indicator, working range limitation and safety devices
? Reeving winch
? Rotaflare warning light
? Emergency control
? 24 V electrical system
? Painting with 2-pack acrylic enamel (Terex-standard: gray/RAL 7012, white/RAL 1013)

? Main boom SH, length 84 m, with SH-head (? 1,5 m)
sheave assembly 400 to, with jib-top-section (? 7,5 m),
pendant bars, walkways, single red warning light, anemometer

? 2 lattice boom "SH" 12 m sections (12.5) for boom Kit S1

? W1 as Hoist 3 (only if luffing jib ordered)

? Superlift attachment:
? Mast 30 m
? Derricking bridle
? Winch W2 (on SL-Mast), with rope
? SL-counterweight tray, for max. SL-counterweight 250 t
? SL-counterweight is not included
? With guiding-rope for SL radius 12 m / 14 m / 16 m
(in case SL-adjustment system is NOT ordered)

? VARIO-Superlift incl. stabilisation adjustment -device with 2 vertical-cylinder in SL-pendant bars for continuously variable SL-adjustment from 10 - 16 m ATTENTION: Only for operation with SL-counterweight tray/NOT for operation with SL-counterweight carrier

Hook blocks:
? Hook block 100 to, 3-sheave, ramshorn hook

? Hook block 50 to, 1-sheave, single hook

Optional Equipment (Carrier):
? Hydraulic cylinder on a-frame, for instance of self-assembly of crawler side frames (Attention: cast-counterweights required)

Possible configurations with above mentioned equipment
- SH 24 – 84m
- SSL 36 -84m

? Luffing jib SW, length 84 m, with luffing masts,
pendant bars, walkways, luffing unit W1 (on main boom) + pendant bars WU, for main boom, length 84 m

Possible configurations with above mentioned equipment (1A. + 1B.):
- SH 24 – 84m
- SH/LH 42 – 108m
- SSL 36 – 84m
- SSL/LSL 78 – 126m
- SW 30 – 72m + 24 – 72m
- SWSL 36 – 84m + 24 – 84m

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this TEREX-DEMAG CC2500-1.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!


Member since: June 2011

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