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Andrea T.

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TOPCON Scanning Electron SM300
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TOPCON SM-300 Scanning Electron Microscope
Electron/ION Microscopy/Scanning

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TOPCON is a producer of optical products and systems for the ophthalmic, GPS and surveying industries.

The SM-300 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a very special in several ways but mostly importantly, it can run both in vacuum and at atmospheric pressure and pressures in-between. This is a particular interesting when you wish to identify a contaminant on a non-conductive material.


This is a compact version of the SEM, with a simple mouse operation, high quality images can be observed.
A large amount of digital images can be stored, and photographs of any of the stored images can be obtained.
Using the application software, image processing, reporting and so on are available from stored images.


Control system Windows based PC control
Resolution 3.5nm
Magnification 20 X to 300,000 X
Image display SEM image (SE,BSE)
Optical Microscope(Optional)
Accelerating voltage 0.5 to 30kV
Specimen stage TXYRZ eucentric stage
Specimen size Max. 125mm dia.
Image processing Recursive filter
Image Store 1,280 X 960 pixel
Images are stored in the industry standard TIFF or BMP format

• Observe surface topography and morphology at high resolution
• Observe rough or raised-feature surface with great depth-of-field
• Measure thin film and coating thickness with calibration standard reference
• Measure the size of surface features
• Measure particle sizes and determine particle shapes
• Metallographic characterization of metal alloys for precipitated phases, inter-metallic phases, and carbides.
• Find number and density of surface defects
• Measure number and density of inclusions in metal alloy and determine their kind
• Examine inter-metallic phase micro-structures
• Determine appearance of stains and residues or deposits on surfaces due to contamination
• Determine whether fracture surface is inter-granular or trans-granular
• Observe evidence for locus of failure in adhesive bonding failures
• Observe the nucleation sites of the initial chemical attack starting a corrosion problem. Often the key to preventing corrosion is to prevent this initial attack, which may start at a small surface defect, such as an inclusion
• Observe defects in microelectronics dies
• Observe contamination on electronic contacts with enhanced surface imaging at low electron beam voltages
• Examine precipitates at grain boundaries
• Observe damage and defects in micro- and nano-devices
• Observe agglomeration of particles
• Examine quality of surface finish
• Examine micro-cracking in surfaces, thin films, and coatings
• Find pinholes in coatings
• Examine thin film growth modes, such as columnar growth
• Examine grain size in weld heat-affected zone
• Discover evidence for chemical attack of a surface in very early stages
• Measure the grain size of polished and etched polycrystalline materials
• Examine grain shape and orientation, often important in extruded and rolled materials
• Examine micro-cutting features made by laser cutting techniques
• Examine residues left in sintered ceramics
• Examine pull-out of fibers in composite materials upon fracture for evidence of poor wetting and bonding

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Asking Price
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Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Andrea T.

Member since: September 2013

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