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Agilent 1260 INFINITY G1321B FLD
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Lower detection limits and easy spectral analysis for HPLC and UHPLC
As a stand alone detector or in an automated Agilent 1200 Infinity Series system the Agilent 1260 Infinity Fluorescence Detector Spectra brings high sensitivity fluorescence detection to your laboratory. This easy-to-use detector provides quantitative data and fluorescence spectra from a single run. Simultaneous multi-wavelength detection improves sensitivity and selectivity. Use the online spectral information for rapid method optimization and verification of separation quality. High-speed detection with up to 145 Hz data rates keeping pace with the analysis speed of ultra-fast LC.

Rotatinggratings for multi-signal and online spectral data acquisition without loss in sensitivity.
Lowest limits of detection with a Raman S/N > 3000 (using dark signal noise reference).
Spectra and quantitative data from a single run.
View online spectra without interrupting the chromatographic run.
Simplified optical design for optimized baseline stability.
Up to 100 % resolution gain in fast LC using a 145 Hz data acquisition rate.
Built-in diagnostics software and long-life lamp. Long-life xenon lamp for highest sensitivity. The long-life (> 4000 hours) flash lamp, lamp reference system and efficient light collection ensure constant lamp energy for maximum excitation of fluorophores.
Easy front access enables fast inspection or exchange of the flow cell.
Automatic recognition of all flow cell cartridges provides documentation of instrument parameters and helps to comply with GLP.
Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display with Instant Pilot controller and Agilent Lab Advisor software.
Superior sensitivity for lower detection limits at any combination of excitation and emission wavelengths. A long-life flash lamp, simplified optics and a reference system improve baseline stability.
Improved selectivity and sensitivity by simultaneous multiple wavelength detection. Monochromators work in signal or spectral mode and are synchronized with the flash light to allow for detection at up to 4 excitation or emission wavelengths.
Specification for dual wavelength operation now also available.
Method optimization or peak confirmation by exploring the spectral landscape.
Fast offline characterization of new compounds - Fill the FLD cuvette with your pure compound and take a fluorescence scan to get a complete visualization of all excitation and emission spectra with a single task.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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