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Brother - Drilling and Tapping Machine

Brother machine tools are part of the range of products manufactured by the Japanese multinational company. With plants throughout the world Brother provide a range of drilling and tapping machines in their CNC tapping centre range.

The first Brother drilling and tapping machines entered production in the early 1970’s and soon developed into a range delivering precision drilling and high spindle speeds. The TC range, launched in the 1990s, is able to generate 6000 RPM spindle speeds, based on 3 axis configuration. The TC225 is the first to use Brother CNC control automation. The TC20A, launched in 2000, has a 3 axis structure but also able to use 2 other axis, depending on job size. The TC20A can generate 25000 RPM.

Brother drilling and tapping machines are used in the automotive industries, for the metal machining of pistons, shafts, wheels, fly wheels, brakes, housing and exhausts. Also the functionality is used in air conditioning, hydraulic and air pressure sectors, along with IT, especially the building of mobile phones and drives.

The current range of Brother drilling and tapping machines is able to replace conventional large machines with 30 multi spindle machines that reduce footprint, power consumption, machining time, and emission of CO2. Brother’s latest Speedio range of CNC Tapping Centres is regarded as environmentally efficient, reducing emission and using Brother’s original servo technologies for 30 machines deliver precision, high speed, high acceleration and high response. Brother’s NC unit automates and allows easy programming to drive machine performance to ensure optimal running, eliminating any wasted operation.