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Founded in 1802 by E.I Du Pont, DuPont is a global chemical and science company based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. With offices throughout the world on every continent, DuPont is, in terms of revenue, the world’s ninth largest company.

With a history that claims the patented invention of dynamite, nylon, Tyvek and Kevlar, DuPont has widely altered the way the world operates. Initially founded to manufacture gunpowder DuPont is now heavily involved in research and development in five specific markets, these are electronic and communication technologies, performance materials, coatings and colour technologies, safety and protection, as well as agriculture and nutrition. The company manufacturers a huge range of products from golf balls to spandex and laminators to titanium dioxide, used in the paper industry.

In 1976 DuPont acquired Riston, a USA based manufacturer of laminators and electronic display materials for use in the production of printed circuit boards. Riston is retained as a brand in the current range of DuPont laminators.

DuPont is also associated with new material creation, such as Lycra and Nylon ,and has for many years been central to the USA space programme, especially the Apollo programme.