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Fisher Valves are a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of control valves and regulators, Fisher Controls International, LLC is one of the largest and oldest process control companies. Fisher's Type 1 pump governor was invented by the founder in 1880 and remains part of the company's product line today. In addition to valves and regulators, Fisher also designed and implemented final control systems. Fisher's products are used in a number of industries, including chemical, refining, power, and pulp and paper.

Based in Marshalltown, Iowa with 2,000 global employees, Fisher is a subsidiary of Emerson Process Management, an operating division of Emerson Electric Company. Fisher was bought by Emerson in 1992 and rebranded to Emerson in 2002.

Fisher Valves are now focused on the manufacture of instruments and related product manufacturing for measuring, displaying, and controlling Industrial process variables. This product range includes actuators, control valves, such as plug, ball, butterfly, high pressure, globe and universal globe valves and digital valve controls, including high speed and wireless. Fisher also have a range of field instrumentation, including transducers, positioning tools, software support and options to support engineering in every aspect, including severe services and environmental. In recent years Fisher have expanded, under the Emerson banner, to provide more valve technology for the electric and gas industries and is the market leader in production of control and actuator valves in the nuclear industry.

Fisher valves have been used widely in engineering, manufacturing and power industries and have been used in aerospace and NASA.