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Hyster is a USA based forklift and other materials-handling equipment manufacturer. Hyster was founded in 1929, trading originally as the Willamette-Ersted Company in Portland, Oregon. Hyster equipment originally serviced the logging and forestry industry but has since then developed its equipment to service a variety of industries.

In the mid 1940’s Hyster produced a 15,000 pound lift truck, the “Jumbo” which was Willamette-Hyster Company’s first truck to use pneumatic tires and a telescoping mast. Later the company is renamed to the Hyster Company and sees the first non USA factories, in Holland and eventually Ireland. Today Hyster has manufacturing and sales operations across the world and a global reach.

In 1989 Hyster Company was purchased by NACCO Industries, Inc. a Fortune 1000 company based in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) leading to further expansion and innovation.

Today Hyster equipment includes a wide range of products from internal combustion trucks, compact internal combustion trucks, high capacity forklift trucks, container handlers and 3 and 4 wheel electric trucks. Hyster also provides a series of tractors, these products are used extensively across the world in many industries including storage and distribution, transport and logistics, construction, food and drink, ports and sea terminals, manufacturing and heavy industry.