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Founded in 1895 in Japan, as the KATO Iron Works, Kato is a global producer, manufacturer and designer of cranes and excavators.  By the early 1920’s the company had become the designated engineering company supporting the new Japanese railway ministry but this expertise spread to trucks, cranes and motorised engines. The company was an innovator creating a patented street sweeper in the late 1950’s as well as hydraulic truck cranes and earth boring rigs.

Along with a full range of hydraulic excavators, the company was also credited with building the largest fully hydraulic truck crane, the NK-750 jumbo in 1969.

In the mid 2000’s Kato opened a manufacturing plant in China and entered into a joint venture with Italian engineering company EURO RIGO S.P.A. The first range of products launched into the European market was the E Jib earth boring rig. In 2014 the company launched a subsidiary in Thailand to increase exposure in the region.

In addition to the series of cranes and excavators, Kato also provide a range of other plant used extensively by engineering companies and in the manufacturing, construction, military, drilling and energy industries.

The product list includes all terrain and rough terrain cranes, vacuum trucks and earth boring rigs, street and snow sweepers and drilling accessories.

In 2013 Kato was awarded a Plant design award at the Engineering equipment awards in Tokyo.