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Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems can trace its foundations to 1869 when Ernst Leitz took over the Optical Institute in Germany and accelerated the research and development of microscopes and optical devices. The company grew and by 1907 it recorded its 1000th microscope sale.

In 1990 Leica and Cambridge Instruments merged to become the Leica group and Leica microsystems was founded in 1997. Leica were acquired by us global multinational Danaher.

Leica Microsystems employ over 5,000 workers, in 10 plants in 8 countries. Headquarters are in Wetzlar in Germany. They provide products that deliver microscopic imagery, measurement and analysis and equipment that prepares specimens for microscopy and related software and support.

The microscopy range is used in biotechnology, medicine, raw materials, industrial quality assessment, forensic science, life sciences, art and education. In Sept 2011 Leica and Truevision 3d joined forces to create a digital optical range of products widely used in ophthalmology and neurosurgery.

Many of the Leica range of microscopes are also used in the semiconductor industries for assembly and inspection of equipment, such as printed circuit boards. The STED and TCS STED range offer high resolution optical microscopy using multi sub diffracting lenses. Microscopic cameras are also widely used to inspect failing PCBs and to monitor assessment of technology. These cameras are high resolution, stereo, digital and can scan multi objects at once, without product handling ensuring quick and precise inspection with minimal human operation.

Leica offer full software support and consultancy on all microscopic products through a global network of over 100 distribution agents.