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Luwa has provided process solutions for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries since 1961. In 1999 the company was rebranded as LCI Corporation, part of the Environmental Filtration Technology group, which in turn has been acquired by Nederman of Sweden, the global leader in industrial air filtration, in October 2012.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA Luwa/LCI provides a range of products. The key areas are evaporation, drying and modular systems, granulators including extrusion and spheronization and these products are used extensively in chemical and food processes.

Luwa/LCI also offer a range of consultancy solutions including lab testing, process design, system design and integration, quality control, fabrication, plant commissioning ,troubleshooting,  software and IT, parts and refurbishment and servicing.

The two main industry sectors are evaporation and granulation. The company is world renowned for its thermal separation systems, for evaporation, including processes such as thin film, wiped film, short path, dryers and high viscosity processes.

Luwa/LCI granulations are focussed on agglomeration systems for pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial applications. The process creates spherical pellets and using a range of dome extruders and marumizers Luwa/LCI produce modified release, matrix and multi particulate pellets for industrial use. Also there are wet extrusions used extensively in agrochemicals, food products and chemical processes including propellants.

Luwa/LCI also manufacture pellet mills and presses, solids feeders and lab equipment for all forms of industrial spheronization and extrusion. The company also provides spare parts, servicing and repair for all forms of industrial dryers, extruders and granulators.