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Medtronic Lifepak 12
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One (1) Medtronic Biphasic 3 Lead Patient Monitor and Defibrillator.

Includes accessories pictured: 1 sterile Co2 tubing and bite block, ECG leads, Soft case, AED Cable, and 100mm recorder

Accessories not pictured: 1 Adult Blood Pressure single tube cuff

Does not include: Hard paddles, Charging base

GENERAL The LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor series has five main operating modes:

Advisory Mode (SAS): Provides all features available except manual defibrillation, synchronous cardioversion and pacing.

Manual Mode: Provides normal operating capability for ALS users. Setup Mode: Allows operator to customize the device.

Service Mode: Allows operator to execute device diagnostic tests and calibrations.

Inservice Mode: Provides simulated waveforms for demonstration purposes.

DATA MANAGEMENT The device captures and stores patient data, events (including waveforms and annotations), user test results and continuous ECG waveform records in internal memory.

The user can select and print reports and transfer the stored information via an internal modem through landline or mobile phones.

Report Types: Three format types of CODE SUMMARY™ critical event record (short, medium and long)

• Initial ECG (except short format)

• Automatic capture of vital signs measurements every 5 minutes

• 3-channel or 4-channel 12-lead ECG report

• Continuous waveform records (transfer only)

• Trend Summary – includes patient information, vital signs log and vital signs graphs

• Vital Signs – includes patient information, event and vital signs log.

• Snapshot – includes patient information and 8 seconds of ECG captured at the time of transmission

Memory Capacity: Two full-capacity patient records that include: CODE SUMMARY critical event record – up to 100 single waveform events Continuous Waveform – 45-minute continuous ECG record


Oscillometric measurement

Systolic Pressure Range: 30 to 245mmHg

Diastolic Pressure Range: 12 to 210mmHg

Units: mmHg, kPa

Mean Arterial Pressure Range: 20 to 225mmHg

Blood Pressure Accuracy: maximum mean error of ± 5mmHg with a standard deviation no greater than ± 8mmHg

Pulse Rate Range: 30 to 200 pulses per minute

Pulse Rate Accuracy: ± 2 pulses per minute or ± 2% whichever is greater

Typical Measurement Time: 40 secs

Microstream™ technology

Measurement Range: 0 to 99mmHg

Display: CO2 waveform and EtCO2 numerics

Units: mmHg, kPa, %; user selectable Automatic ambient pressure compensation

CO2 Accuracy (>20 minutes): 0 to 38mmHg: ± 2mmHg 39 to 99mmHg: ± 5% of reading + 0.08% for every 1mmHg

Warm Up Time: 30 seconds (typical), 180 seconds max

Response Time: 2.9 seconds (includes delay time and rise time)

Respiration Rate Range: 0 to 60 breaths per minute Respiration Rate

Accuracy: 0 to 40 bpm: ± 1 bpm 41 to 60 bpm: ± 2 bpm

Shock Advisory System (SAS) is an ECG analysis system that advises the operator if the algorithm detects a shockable or non-shockable ECG rhythm. SAS acquires ECG via therapy electrodes only.

Shock Ready Time: Using a fully charged battery at normal room temperature, the device is ready to shock within 20 seconds if the initial rhythm finding is “Shock Advised.”

Output Energy (Biphasic): User configurable, sequence of three sequential shock levels ranging from 200, 200 to 300, and 200 to 360 joules. * Note: ±5% accuracy applies when disposable therapy electrodes are attached. Energy output is limited to the available energy which results in delivery of 360 joules into 50 ohms.

Prints continuous strip of the displayed patient information

Paper Size: 50mm (2.0 in) or optional 100mm (3.9 in)

Print Speed: 25mm/Sec +/- 5% (measured in accordance with AAMI EC-11,

Delay: 8 seconds

Autoprint: Waveform events print automatically (user configurable) Optional 50mm/sec timebase for 12-lead ECG reports

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Medtronic Lifepak 12.

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Only 2 Available on the Marketplace!


Member since: June 2015

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