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Based in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi is a world renowned conglomerate with interests and businesses across the world ranging from car and automobile products to engineering and computer hardware. Mitsubishi equipment is now world-renowned in industries including construction, printing and many others.

Founded in 1871 as a shipping firm by Yataro Iwasaki the initial work of Mitsubishi was a forecast of the current method of trading with the company becoming a coal-mining business to gain the coal needed for ships, then it bought a shipbuilding yard from the government to repair the ships it used, then founded an iron mill to supply iron to the shipbuilding yard and even started a marine insurance business to cater for its shipping business. This model was used to expand into transport, aircraft building and a global trading business.

By the early 1920’s the group had three key sectors, banking, heavy equipment and transport machinery.

Mitsubishi equipment ranges include, construction and farming machinery, metalworking equipment and printing equipment.

In May 2014, Germany’s Siemens announced it had signed a deal to enter a joint venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to provide plants, products and services for the metals industry. The joint venture is 51% owned by Mitsubishi.