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Nikon Instruments - Inspection Microscope

Nikon Instruments' inspection microscopes are used across many industries. As a subsidiary of the Nikon Corporation, a world leader in optical and imaging equipment, Nikon manufacture inspection microscopes throughout the world for the medical, electronics, biology and pathology sectors.

The range of inspection microscopes are used in many forms of electronics manufacturing including semiconductor and flat panel display inspection. Many of these inspection devices are also implemented in the medical and bioscience industries.

The “lab on a stick” technology is for printed circuit board assembly in the manufacture of semiconductors for the electronics and computer industries.

Since 1995 with the manufacture of the Optistation 3, Nikon Instruments Products inspection microscopes, have been used to inspect tiny wafers, as little as 150mm. The system used Nikon fiber optic light sources and had a non-contact alignment function requiring less operator involvement than previous machines. In the early 21st century Nikon were producing multidimensional, multifunctional machines such as the StereoZoom, OBJ 2X, that had a round boom stand with horizontal swing and a tilt base with different levels of magnification down to 0.8x.

More recent models, such as the SMZ1500, offer a large scale of magnification, from 0.75x to 11.25x and they allow the operator to see and photograph anything. There is a tilting eye piece and full OCC high quality Nikon lighting to support all applications.

The LV UDM universal inspection microscope uses the best Nikon lenses, CF160 and CFILU60, and with a turret condenser, increased sample height capability the machine is flexible enough to cater for broad industrial use without the need for new hardware.