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Siemens Ag SGT 400
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Frankfurt am Main, DE

The SGT 400 combines very high efficiency (nominal 35 %) with excellent emissions
performance in a rugged industrial design.
This makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of power generation applications.
The Siemens twin-shaft industrial gas turbine SGT-400 features a compact gas
generator and a two-stage power turbine, Incorporating the latest aerodynamic and
combustion technologies.
2. Equipment Description and Scope
The gas turbines are designed to operate on natural gas.
The offered equipment contains the complete combined cycle equipment with all
The main equipment of the plant consists of the components:
- Gasturbine, Siemens type SGT 400
- Air cooled generator type Siemens
- Plant auxiliary equipment
- Plant electrical and control equipment
3. Performance and Operational Data
3.1 Performance Data (for information only)
Design data and nominal performance @ ISO conditions (100% load):
Gas turbine output (MW) 12.9
GT efficiency (%) 34.8
GT efficiency (kJ/kWh) 10’355
Details of performance depend on local boundary and ambient conditions (e.g.
Ambient temperature, site level, etc.)
Of the new site and have to be defined together with the new operator and given data
to be adjusted accordingly.
3.2 Operational Data
Compressor pressure ratio 16.8 : 1
Exhaust gas flow (kg/s) 39.4
Exhaust temperature (°C) 555
Frequency (Hz) 50
Generator voltage (kV) 6
NOX emission (ppm) < 15

4. Scope and Delivery
4.1 Equipment
The scope consists of the equipment as described in item 2 above and in attached
technical offer. Additional scope to be agreed upon between seller and purchaser
(I.e. Main transformer, exhaust stack, etc).
4.2 Services
The scope of equipment will be by delivered seaworthy packed ex works. Supplier is
ready and willing to dismantle, pack and ship the equipment to its new site (please
refer to options).
The full set of technical documentation and service reports will be delivered as
supplied by the OEM in hard and s Oft copies in English language (number of sets as
per scope of supply).
5. Options
5.1 Additional Scope
Upon request a separate offer can be worked out for additional equipment, such as
main transformer, exhaust stack with damper, etc.
5.2 Packing and Transport FCA
Upon request (for packing and transported FAC, Free Alongside Carrier, European
5.3. Transport to New Site
Upon request (for the transportation CIF, Cost, Insurance, Freight, to the new site).
5.4 Supervision Services
Upon request a separate offer can be worked out for project management and
Services for the period from shipping ex works until trial run (incl. Supervision services
for erection and commissioning).
5.5 Engineering Services
Upon request a separate offer can be provided for engineering services, e.g. Inputs
for foundation design, civil engineering, Mechanical and electrical engineering to
implement the equipment into the existing environment.
5.6 Inspection and Warranties
If requested, the machinery can be inspected by a certified licensee company and
additional requested modifications Can be performed according to buyer’s needs.
The gas turbine will be delivered with a 12 months warranty period from PAC or max
18 months after delivery ex works or 8’000 evaluated operating hours, whichever
occurs first.

6. Price and commercial Condition
6.1 Delivery condition:
The equipment is offered at the condition as stipulated herein.
6.2 Sales Price of Equipment:
Total price for the scope and condition as defined above is:
$ 11.3 Mio US dollars per unit.
Please note that the price indicated includes the equipment as specified in the
technical offer
Inclusive OEM testing and a 12 months warranty, seaworthy packed as works FCA
(Free Alongside Carrier acc. to Incoterms 2010).
6.3 Payment Conditions
For the equipment as offered:
O 25% at contract signature
O 25% after half delivery time
O 50% at ex works FCA
Payments to be made in cash (against a confirmed bank guarantee) or by an
irrevocable L/C confirmed by a first class European bank acceptable to the
seller. Contract coming into force and delivery time starts as soon as down payment
received (notice to proceed).
6.3 Contract Structure
After a principal agreement seller will initiate a sales and purchase agreement
between the parties. It is not yet fully decided if there will be one or two individual
agreement and the legal contract partners; a decision will be based on a mutual
understanding between the parties.
6.4 Commercial Conditions of this Offer
All equipment is quoted as stipulated herein unless otherwise indicated. Scope of
supply must be verified by the buyer during contract negotiations.
Seller is not responsible for errors or omissions made in the purchaser’s
The terms of this proposal are non-binding and the recipient of this proposal (and its
respective subsidiaries and affiliates) will be subject to the execution of a final contract
acceptable to both parties
6.5 Validity
This offer is valid for a period of ninety (90) days after date of issuing this proposal.
6.6 Delivery Time
The delivery time ex works OEM is eight (8) months.


6.7 Taxes, Licenses and Fees
Buyer should be responsible for VAT, if applicable, and all duties, taxes of all kind and
fees imposed by the national and local government.
6.8 Disclaimer of other Warranties
Unless other agreement it is expressly understood and agreed that seller makes no
and assumes no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the condition, performance,
maintenance, manufacture, or design of the goods. Seller makes no other
representation and
disclaims any other warranty, whether statuary, written, oral, express, or implied,
including but
not limited to any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or
arising out of
any course of dealing or usage of trade.
Any information provided by seller which relates to the goods, is or will be for
information only
and is not, and will not be guaranteed or warranted.
Before receiving further information:
BCL required => Bank Confirmation Letter is showing ¦? customers Bank is
willing and able to finance the “Project
1. Scope of Supply
SIEMENS Industrial Turbomachinery Limited offer to design, manufacture, package
and des patch the following equipment listed within this scope of supply.
SIEMENS SGT-400 Gas Turbine Generator Package, comprising :
1.1 Driven Unit
1.1.1 Generator
AC Generator, 11 kV, 3 phase, 4 pole, 50Hz, 0.8 power factor, salient pole brushless
Filter ventilated
Class ‘F’ insulation with class ‘B’ total temperature rise
Generator enclosure rating – IP54
Generator bearing temperature instrumentation
Generator bearing proximity X-Y vibration probes
Lubricating oil piping – gas turbine to driven unit

1.2 Gas Turbine Package
1.2.1 Gas Turbine Engine
Core Engine – twin shaft design – nominal rating 12.9 MWe
Gas Generator
Air Inlet Casing
Compressor Rotor
Compressor Stator with Variable Guide Vanes
Centre casing
Combustion System – Dry Low Emissions (DLE)
Compressor Turbine Rotor
Compressor Turbine Stator
Power Turbine
Hot Gas Interduct
Power Turbine Rotor
Power Turbine Stator
Output Shaft Drive
Exhaust Outlet Casing
Engine Bearing Temperature Instrumentation
Engine Vibration Detector
Engine arranged for hot end drive
1.2.2 Under base
Under base – fabricated carbon steel construction, arranged for multi-point mounting
Mounting assemblies for the gas turbine core, auxiliary gearbox, auxiliaries, main
gearbox, and driven unit ( separate under base )Integral lubricating oil tank – carbon
1.2.3 Start System
Hydraulic Motor and Pump - AC electric motor driven
1.2.4 Gears, Couplings and Guards
Main speed reducing gearbox – epi-cyclic type, output shaft speed 1500 rpm
Auxiliary gearbox incorporating drives for start system and lubricating oil pump
Driven unit coupling, flexible element dry type
Coupling guard – carbon steel
1.2.5 Lubricating Oil System
Gas turbine lubrication system utilize mineral oil
Lubricating Oil System serving the turbine, gearbox and driven unit
Lubricating Oil Pump Main – Turbine gearbox driven
Lubricating Oil Pump Auxiliary – AC motor driven
Lubricating Oil Pump Emergency – DC motor driven
Lubricating Oil Filter - Duplex - carbon steel body non-ASME
Lub oil module transmitters – Siemens standard smart type – aluminium
Lubricating Oil tank immersion heaters

Lubricating oil system breather
Lubricating oil breather oil mist eliminator
Lubricating oil breather ducting – austenitic stainless steel
Lubricating oil system cooler
Air blast Simplex Lubricating Oil Cooler – non API
Cooler Fan – single 100% duty
Suitable for a non-hazardous area
Package roof mounted
1.2.6 Gas Fuel System
Pilot fuel flow control system with actuator
Main fuel flow control system with actuator
Rapid-acting gas shut-off valves ( 2-off )
Pressure transmitters - Siemens standard smart type – aluminium
Gas fuel system trace heating and insulation ( if required )
Gas fuel system thermocouple
Gas fuel block and vent valve assembly - off package
1.2.7 Acoustic Enclosure
Acoustic Enclosure – painted carbon steel, fitted over gas turbine and auxiliaries
Doors for personnel access and maintenance Integral lifting beam for maintenance
Internal lighting
Acoustic system transmitters - Siemens standard smart type – aluminium
Controls Weather Protection Canopy - Aluminium
1.2.8 Acoustic Enclosure Ventilation System
Ventilation air inlet grille
Ventilation inlet and outlet dampers – galvanized carbon steel – instrument air
Ventilation fan – single – AC electric motor driven – Zone 2
Ventilation air system – negative pressure
Ventilation air silencer – galvanized carbon steel
Ventilation air inlet and outlet ducting – galvanized carbon steel
Integral support for turbine enclosure ventilation system
1.2.9 Gas Detection System
Gas Detection equipment, comprising :-
Gas Detectors - vent outlet x 2
1.2.10 Fire Protection System
Fire Protection equipment, comprising :-
Flame Detectors IR x 3
Heat Detectors x 2
Sounder / Beacon Unit
Status Indicator
Manual Alarm Contact

1.2.11 Fire Extinguisher
Twin shot CO
fire protection system
Cylinders housed in an open rack
Extinguisher system distribution pipework and nozzles
Piping - cabinet to package
1.2.12 Combustion Air Inlet System
Combustion air filter – static pad type - galvanized carbon steel
Combustion air filter weather hood
Combustion air silencer – galvanized & painted carbon steel
Combustion air inlet ducting – galvanized & painted carbon steel
Integral support for combustion air inlet system
1.2.13 Combustion Exhaust System
Exhaust diffuser only – ferritic stainless steel – horizontal orientation
Thermal insulation and aluminium cladding – personnel protection only
1.2.14 Package Electrical Systems
Motor Control Centre – off package, for Siemens supplied package motors
Batteries – ( Not included in this Budgetary Tender )
1.2.15 Package Auxiliaries
Turbine compressor cleaning system for hot and cold wash - off-package reservoir
Auxiliary Module Drains Tank
Transmitters – Auxiliary Module – Siemens standard smart type - aluminium
Instrument tagging – Arrow tags - Siemens standard P&ID references
Package finish to Siemens onshore standard
1.3 Control System
1.3.1 Package Control System Hardware
Unit Control System – simplex, incorporating a Siemens SIMATIC PLC platform
Control and monitoring of the package systems
Control system located on-package
Climate control incorporated
Operator display language – English language
Turbine Vibration displacement monitoring - Bentley Nevada 1701 system
Remote PC, VDU, keyboard and mouse
Generator Control Panel ( Safe Area ), package mounted, containing :-
Automatic voltage regulator
Synchronizing facility – automatic & manual with check synchronizer
Generator metering equipment and electrical protection

Siemens Turbomachinery Applications – Remote Monitoring System – STARMS
Provision for data collection and remote communication from site allowing access to
the following services:-
Connection via broadband internet connection (customer supply)
Automatic recording of data values within the Control System
Analysis of events
Analysis of downtime
Predictive trending
Anomaly detection
Software updates
Accelerated troubleshooting support
Customer notification reports
Access to historic data
Fleet and unit performance overview Driven unit monitoring
1.4 Testing
1.4.1 Testing Gas Turbine
Gas turbine frame and systems test
Gas turbine core engine test– Siemens standard
1.4.2 Driven Unit Test
Manufacturer’s standard works acceptance test of AC Generator
1.5 Installation and Maintenance
1.5.1 Installation and Commissioning
Supervision of installation and commissioning is offered on a day rates basis
1.5.2 Installation and Maintenance Equipment
Roll-off equipment - Gas Turbine power turbine
Roll-off trolley – Gas Turbine core engine removal
Installation Tools
Holding down fixings – GT and driven unit package
Holding down fixings – off-package equipment
Selection of paints for site repairs
1.6 Drawings and Documentation
Standard set of certified information and approval drawings in the English language
Operator Manual - English language – CD version
Maintenance Manual – English language – CD version
Driven Unit Manual - English language – CD version

1.6 Packing and Delivery
1.7.1 Packing
Packing and preservation to suit destination and transport method
1.7.2 Delivery Terms
Delivered, FCA, Siemens manufacturing facility, in accordance with ICC INCOTERMS
2010 Edition
1.8 Training
( Not included in this Budget )
1.9 Spares
1.9.1 Commissioning Equipment and Tools
Commissioning Equipment and Tools
1.9.2 Commissioning Spares
Commissioning Spares
1.10 Quality Assurance
Contract quality assurance program – English language
2. Exclusions
All items not specifically listed in this offer
In case you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact our office.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!

Shambhu k.

Member since: July 2014

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