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Sony professional are manufactures of broadcast film and audio equipment. Part of the Sony Corporation formed in Tokyo in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka who started the business repairing radios. Sony created the world’s first tape recorder in 1951 and the world’s first commercial transistor in 1955. The Sony Corporation now have interests across many industries including finance, insurance, motion pictures, music and gaming entertainment, electronics and computer technology.

Sony Professional have a range of products. They make broadcast and professional audio and visual equipment. Also camcorders, system cameras, high definition desks and recorders, switches, IP live, monitors, creative software and professional media.  These products are used in all forms of TV and film production, sports technology, displays and industrial applications.

Sony Professional also create technology that is widely used in the medical sector along with newsroom production, content management and workflow, and mass storage and archiving.

The manufacturing facilities are spread globally but the leading production plant is in Basingstoke in the UK. Sales and distribution is carried out throughout the world through specialist partners. All Sony professional products, whether a camcorder or camera or motion picture equipment, come with full eLearning module, full warranty, spare parts and software support. Sony also offer Prime support, an after sales program that caters for multi-lingual users and provides sales support and replacement units.

Sony Professional equipment is widely acclaimed with awards for many of its cameras and recording equipment. Many of Sony’s motion picture equipment have been awarded with Academy Awards, and the Trimaster broadcast monitor won an Emmy for engineering excellence in 2012.