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In 1959 after manufacturing some “hand-crafted” machines, the brothers D. & G. Moretti established the Moretti Company to produce blow molding machines in Abbiategrasso (Milan). The company Comec of Calenzano (Florence) started the production of their first pneumatic blow molding machine in 1961 and the two company merged a short time after.

In 1988 The American corporate giant Johnson Controls acquired the Italian company Moretti and Comec that carried the name of Uniloy. The first blow molding machines were manufactured in Italy by Uniloy, in compliance with the original American design.

1n 1998 Milacron acquired from Johnson Controls all Uniloy activities worldwide, including Uniloy, Moretti and Uniloy Comec in Italy.

In 2005 the first 3-layer injection blow molding machine in the world was manufactured by Uniloy Milacron in partnership with Kortec and General Electric.

The largest injection blow molding machine ever built in the world - UMIB 250 - with a production rate beyond 8.000 pcs/h, is manufactured by Uniloy Milacron.

With its Head office in Milan, Italy, Uniloy has Offices in USA, Germany and Czech Republic with sales offices in UK, India, China and Brazil.

Uniloy are world renowned for their patented products including extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines, 3d Parison Suction and continuous extrusion.

The machines made by Uniloy create the molds for containers in the food and beverage industry, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals, household, chemical, automotive and even nautical and gardening sectors. These containers can be everyday items such as perfume bottles to 1200 liter chemical containers and huge industrial applications.