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Formed in 1905 by Michael Weinig, in Germany, as a production company for agricultural machines, Weinig is now a global provider of machines and solutions for use in the wood processing industry. With a range of products that include wood moulders, push feed moulders, planers, CNC routers, saws and gluing processes. Weinig are also at the forefront of automation and technical advancement in industries that range from furniture production to specialist engineering.

Weinig has been synonymous with the invention of new technologies. The clocked conveyor line assembly was released in 1970, the world’s first, and revolutionised the production of solid wood across the world. In 1999 the company launched the fully automatic profiling centre Unimat 3000 heralding a period of investment into automation and the reduction in human intervention on the production line.

Weinig have grown through acquisition over recent years. In 1998 the company acquired a controlling stake in mechanical engineering company Fagus-Grecon Greten GmbH & Co and formed a joint venture with GreCon Dimter Holzoptimierung GmbH and their affiliates GreCon Dimter Inc., USA and GreCon Dimter, France. In 2001 Weinig also took control of Raimann GmbH & Co. of Freiburg and American engineering company Control Logic.

In addition to the production of machines Weinig also offers a range of support services, training and installation options.