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Zeiss is an Eastern German manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurement and medical devices.

Carl Zeiss founded the company in 1846 in Jena, in Eastern Germany. Initially his focus was on microscopes and providing the medical sector with advanced optical devices for research and diagnosis.

By 1910 Zeiss was the world’s largest producer of camera lenses and products, with the creation of Zeiss Ikon in Dresden. This subsidiary created the first ever 35mm single lens reflex camera in 1938.

Zeiss has many subsidiaries and the business is split between Jena, which continues to make microscopes and traditional lenses, and Heidenheim which is involved in new technology, such as transport, the motor industry and even space.

There is a huge range of products in the optics and vision sector on offer from cameras, cine lenses, binoculars, eye glasses and 3d glasses for the film industry. Zeiss also produce domes for planetariums and museums, and deliver vital support to the military, from night goggles and reinforced screens. The next generation of space telescope, replacing the Hubble, will have lenses made by Zeiss.

The company serves many industries, such as cinema, film and PC gaming. Their lithographic systems are used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing. Recent innovations such as the Helium Ion Microscope will benefit nano research in all forms of science and medical arenas.

Zeiss has, through licensing, also adapted camera technology for the mobile phone and PC industry, from iPads to the most basic mobile phone.

Zeiss eyeglass products are sold in over 140 countries worldwide.