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Any High-frequency Digital X-ray Machine System (DR
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1.0 High Frequency X-ray Machine:

Power Output : 25KW
Inverter Frequency : 40kHz
X-Ray Tube : XD56-11 32/130
Dual-focus : Small focus: 0.6 Large focus: 1.3
Thermal capacity :900kJ (1200 KHU)
The speed of the rotary anode : 3000rpm
Tube Voltage : 40~125kV
Tube Current : 200mA
mAs : 0.4~360mAs

2.0 Digital image processing system:

2.1 Digital Detector:
Type of detector :CCD
Field of view :17*17 Inch
Pixel :4K*4K
Spatial resolution : =3.0LP/mm
Limit of spatial resolution :4.6LP/mm
Pixel size :108um
Grayscale output :14bit
Imaging time :7S

2.2 System control:

Image processing system : Photo processing software, X-ray synchro
Control software, motion control software
Image post-processing : tissue equilibrium,W/L adjustment,
Gamma correction, interest district, reversed
phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, Edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter neuclear, single window,
dual-window, four windows, movement, right
rotated 90°,left rotated 90°,level mirror image,
vertical mirror image, magnifying glass, image
zooming, reset, layer information, label
character, drawing label, length
measurement, angle measurement,
rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic
length, elliptic area
Image storage and transmission :
Dicom direct transmission,
Dicom Worksite SCU, standard
Dicom, DIR, film printing, mass storage(hard disk, compact disk)

3.0 Mechanical structure performance:

3.1 U-shaped arm:
Motorized vertical travel : 450mm-1700mm(motorized control)
Anode to Screen range : 1000mm-1800mm(motorized control)
Rotation range : -40°~+130°(motorized control)

3.2 Photography bed :
Bed size :2000mm*650mm
Bed height :=720mm
Transervse shift : 200mm(±100mm, electromagnetic lock)
Longitudinal shift : 100mm(±50mm, electromagnetic lock)

4.0 Power supply : 380V 50HZ (220V 50HZ is also available)

5.0 Usage:

5.1 General Radiography, Trauma, Orthopaedics,

5.2 Surgery: Removing Foreign Body, Cardiac Catheter, Implanting Pace Maker,
Interventional Therapy.

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Member since: November 2010

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