Kitmondo, a trusted platform for industrial equipment, offers a meticulously curated selection of Offset 4-Colour Printing Machines designed to elevate printing standards across various industries. Originating from renowned manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Komori, and Manroland, these machines embody precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Featuring prices ranging from €20,000 to €118,000, Kitmondo caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Offset 4-Colour machines are celebrated for their exceptional print quality and efficiency, making them indispensable in sectors ranging from publishing to packaging. Whether producing vibrant magazines, professional business stationery, or eye-catching packaging materials, these machines consistently deliver superior results.

On Kitmondo's user-friendly platform, professionals can explore comprehensive details about each machine, including critical parameters such as maximum sheet size, print speed, substrate thickness capabilities, and more. This empowers buyers to make informed decisions tailored to their specific printing needs and operational requirements.

Discover Kitmondo's diverse inventory today and harness the power of advanced offset printing technology to enhance your printing operations.

Heidelberg (GOSS) M600 B24 Offset four colours Hot deal

Year: 2000

Max. paper length 63 cm
Max. paper width 96.5 cm


Year: 2018

70mln Equipement : Amortissement Komorimatic avec Technotrans Beta C avec Alcosmart + BETA.f APC AMR PDC-SG, Tous les dispositifs de lavage automatique, Alimentateur avec acier Contrôle double feuille, Lames latérales électroniques, LAMPE H-UV TRANSFORMATEUR Plieuse de plaques Perfectly maintained machine by Komori and the owner Pulsio Print since originally purchased as New from Komori Europe. Only original parts purchased from …

Mitsubishi D 3000 - 4R (4/0-2/2) of 12/2003

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 72 cm
Nbr of copies 84 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 102 cm
Perfecting Yes
Chromed cylinders Yes

Heidelberg SM 52 4 LX Offset four colours Good value

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 37 cm
Nbr of copies 48 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 52 cm
Perfecting Yes

Komori Lithrone 40 Offset Printing Machine 70x100 4+Lac

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 100 cm
Nbr of copies 138 Mio
Max. paper width 70 cm

Ryobi 3340 Offset four colours

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 34 cm
Max. paper width 45 cm

Polly 474 Offset four colours

Year: 2002

Max. paper length 52 cm
Nbr of copies 80 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 72 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit No

shinohara 2003 Offset four colours

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 52 cm
Max. paper width 36 cm

Ryobi 3304 h Offset four colours Exaprime Good value

Year: 1997

Max. paper length 45 cm
Nbr of copies 42 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 34 cm
Perfecting No
Chromed cylinders Yes

HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER 74-4 Offset four colours Hot deal

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 53 cm
Nbr of copies 102 Mio
Dryer UV
Max. paper width 74 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

Ryobi 524 HE

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 52 cm
Nbr of copies 52 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 37 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit No

Bobst IRT 1650 Offset four colours Good value

Year: 1979

Max. paper length 160 cm
Max. paper width 160 cm

Man Roland 204 E OB Offset four colours

Year: 2004

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 38 Mio
Max. paper width 52 cm

Roland Rekord

Year: 1978

Machine in working condition. Inspection possible in any time. Ink and alcol rubber rolls refurbished last year 9800 investment. Invoice and video of proof provided on request. Video in working conditions and more photos of the machine available on request.

Heidelberg CD 102 1997

Year: 1997

Max. paper length 72 cm
Nbr of copies 179 Mio
Coating unit No
Max. paper width 102 cm
Perfecting No
Chromed cylinders Yes

Man Roland RVK 3B 2-2 4-0 Offset four colours Good value

Year: 1990

Max. paper length 72 cm
Nbr of copies 83 Mio
Max. paper width 102 cm

Man Roland 304 Offset four colours

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 55 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 52 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit No

Polly Prestige 474

Year: 204

Polly prestige 474 Year of manufactured is 2004 Offset four colors Photos attached

Komori Spica 429 Offset four colours

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 105.5 Mio
Coating unit No
Max. paper width 53 cm
Perfecting Yes
Chromed cylinders Yes

MOSS 3000 SPU Offset four colours

Year: 2007

Offset screen printing machine + clichet production machine MOSS MOD. 3000 SPU FLEXO COMBITY X A3

Understanding Offsets 4 Colours in the Kitmondo Printing Machine Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we pride ourselves on connecting professionals with the finest industrial machinery solutions tailored to their needs. Within our diverse offerings, the category of Printing Machines showcases a standout piece of equipment: the Offsets 4 Colours. Let's delve into what makes this machinery essential and why Kitmondo is the premier marketplace for buying or selling it.

What is Offsets 4 Colours?

Offset printing, often referred to simply as ‘offset’, is a widely used technique where an inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. Offsets 4 Colours specifically denotes offset machines capable of printing using four distinct colours—typically based on the CMYK model (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key, which is black).

This capability allows for the simultaneous application of all four colours in a single pass, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in printing. The result is vibrant, multi-colour prints that meet the highest standards of quality and detail.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Offsets 4 Colours

Entering the realm of used industrial machinery can be daunting, but Kitmondo ensures a seamless process. For buyers, the advantages are substantial.

Affordability: Purchasing new machinery can be prohibitively expensive, especially for startups or those seeking economical solutions. Kitmondo offers Offsets 4 Colours machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring excellent value for money. Our platform features listings ranging from €20,000 to €118,000, reflecting various factors such as brand, age, condition, and additional features.

Quality Assurance: Despite being used, every Offsets 4 Colours machine listed on Kitmondo undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure operational efficiency and reliability. This commitment to quality guarantees that each piece of equipment is ready to deliver optimal performance in its new operational environment.

In the printing industry, Offsets 4 Colours machines represent a pinnacle of efficiency and quality. Whether you're looking to invest in one or pass it on to a new owner, Kitmondo offers a platform that delivers convenience, reliability, and unmatched value. Step into the future of printing with Kitmondo—where industry-leading technology meets your operational needs.

Main Advantages of Offsets 4 Colours

Offsets 4 Colours machines are celebrated for several key advantages that set them apart in the printing landscape:

  1. High-Quality Prints: These machines deliver unparalleled print quality with sharpness, precision, and vibrant colours.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Ideal for large volume printing, offset machines offer a cost-effective solution once the initial setup is complete.

  3. Consistency: Each print maintains uniformity across the batch, ensuring reliable results from start to finish.

  4. Speed and Efficiency: Automated processes enable rapid production speeds, making them suitable for projects with tight deadlines.

  5. Versatility: Beyond paper, offset machines can print on various materials like cardboard, wood, and select plastics.

  6. Full-Colour Capability: Utilizing the CMYK colour model, these machines achieve rich, dynamic colours for a wide range of applications.

  7. Durability: Prints from offset machines are resistant to water and wear, ensuring longevity and durability.

  8. Economical Maintenance: Once operational, offset machines require minimal maintenance, maximizing uptime and productivity.

  9. Environmental Sustainability: Modern offset machines are designed with eco-friendly features, including vegetable-based inks and waste reduction systems.

Offsets 4 Colours machines embody speed, efficiency, and uncompromising quality, making them indispensable across various professional printing applications—from magazines and brochures to packaging and promotional materials.

Main Machine Parameters of Offsets 4 Colours

When evaluating an Offsets 4 Colours machine, understanding its key parameters is crucial to ensure it meets specific production requirements. Here are the primary machine parameters to consider:

  1. Max Sheet Size: The largest paper or material size the machine can accommodate.

  2. Min Sheet Size: The smallest paper or material size the machine can handle.

  3. Printing Speed: Typically measured in sheets per hour (SPH), indicating the machine's production rate.

  4. Plate Size: Dimensions of the printing plates used for transferring images.

  5. Impressions Count: Total number of prints or 'impressions' the machine has produced over its lifetime.

  6. Number of Printing Units: While discussing a 4-colour offset, additional units may be present for special inks or coatings.

  7. Stacking Capacity: Ability to handle and stack sheets in feeding and collection trays.

  8. Ink Control System: Automated systems for ink flow and distribution, ensuring consistent print quality.

  9. Drying System: Method employed to dry printed ink, influencing production speed and output quality.

  10. Tightening System: Plate mounting and tightening mechanisms affecting changeover times and print precision.

  11. Operational Dimensions: Physical dimensions of the machine, crucial for workspace planning.

  12. Weight: Total weight of the machine, impacting installation and transportation logistics.

  13. Automation Features: Includes automated processes for tasks like plate changes, cleaning, and troubleshooting.

  14. Compatibility: Ability to work with specific inks, coatings, or additional modules.

Understanding these parameters empowers professionals to make informed decisions when selecting an Offsets 4 Colours machine, ensuring alignment with operational needs, space constraints, and budget considerations.

Area of Use of Offsets 4 Colours Machines

Offsets 4 Colours machines find widespread application across diverse industries and printing needs, including:

  1. Publishing Houses: For magazines, books, and periodicals requiring high-speed, high-volume printing.

  2. Commercial Printing: Producing brochures, leaflets, posters, and promotional materials with vibrant colours and sharp details.

  3. Packaging Industry: Printing on cartons, boxes, and packaging materials with precise colour reproduction.

  4. Stationery Production: Creating professional business cards, letterheads, and envelopes with consistent quality.

  5. Forms and Documents: Large-scale production of invoices, forms, and official documents.

  6. Calendars and Diaries: Colourful and detailed printing for visually appealing calendars and diaries.

  7. Album Covers and Vinyl Sleeves: High-quality imagery and colour accuracy for music industry materials.

  8. Catalogues: Comprehensive product listings and retail catalogues with efficient large-scale printing capabilities.

  9. Direct Mail Advertising: Mass production of promotional mailers and advertisements.

  10. Fine Art Reproductions: Accurate colour reproduction for art prints and reproductions.

  11. Comic Books and Graphic Novels: Vivid colours and detailed imagery for visual storytelling mediums.

  12. Textbooks and Educational Materials: Large-volume production of educational resources and textbooks.

Offsets 4 Colours machines excel where high-quality, consistent, and efficient printing is essential, meeting the demands of diverse printing applications.

Manufacturers of Offsets 4 Colours Machines

Several distinguished manufacturers lead the industry in producing Offsets 4 Colours machines renowned for their quality and innovation:

  1. Heidelberg: Globally recognized for durable, high-performance offset machines.

  2. Komori: Innovators in advanced offset printing solutions with Japanese precision.

  3. Manroland: German heritage and expertise in a wide range of offset printing technologies.

  4. Koenig & Bauer (KBA): Pioneers with a rich history in printing machinery, offering versatile solutions.

  5. Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT): Merging innovation with reliability for cutting-edge offset machines.

  6. Akiyama: Known for precision and reliability in multi-colour offset presses.

  7. Goss International: Leaders in web offset technology, also offering sheet-fed printing solutions.

  8. Toshiba: Bringing advanced technology to industrial printing equipment.

  9. Shinohara: Over a century of expertise in producing efficient and reliable offset printing machines.

  10. Adast: Czech manufacturer known for consistent performance in offset presses.

Understanding the strengths, specialties, and technological advancements of these manufacturers assists in selecting the ideal Offsets 4 Colours machine tailored to specific printing requirements.

Kitmondo stands as your gateway to explore, evaluate, and acquire Offsets 4 Colours machines that elevate your printing capabilities. Discover our extensive inventory today and leverage the power of cutting-edge offset printing technology for your business.