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Auctioneer Surplex
Closing date March 15, 2023
Location Germany Germany
Category Construction and Mining / Miscellaneous industrial equipment
ID CON0826
Status Closed

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80997 München, Germany | 15th March 2023, from 10:00 CET

ABUS ZLK 2-Girder Overhead Crane
Yom 2006
Load capacity: 30000 kg
Starting bid: 16,000 EUR

WEBER 2-Girder Bridge Crane
Yom 2001
Load capacity: 20000 kg
Starting bid: 12,000 EUR

BWG ZSK 2-Girder Overhead Crane
Yom 1989
Lifting capacity 12500 kg
Starting bid: 7,000 EUR

WINTER 1-Girder Overhead Crane
Yom 2016
Lifting capacity: 12500 kg
Current highest bid: 6,500 EUR

MANNESMANN 1-Girder Overhead Crane
Yom 1998
Lifting capacity: 10000 kg
Current highest bid: 6,000 EUR

HÄUPLER 2-Girder Overhead Crane
Yom 1982
Hoisting gear for 25 t
Starting bid: 12,000 EUR

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