Online Auction - High Quality Biopharma Equipment

Auctioneer All Surplus
Closing date Dec. 3, 2020
Location Germany Germany
Category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
ID LAB0388
Status Closed

Online Auction of High Quality Biopharma Equipment Including Mass Spectrometers, Analyzers & Microscopes

- AB Sciex 'API4000 QqQ' Mass Spectrometer
- GE Healthcare 'Biacore 4000' Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument
- Thermo Fisher Scientific 'TSQVANTAGE' Mass Spectrometer
- Life Technologies 'Ion Chef SVC' Thermal cycler DNA
- Molecular Devices 'FLIPR TETRA' Analyzer cell screening
- Siemens 'ADVIA2120' Haematology Analyzer, Cell Counting
- Olympus 'IX71' Camera Microscope
- Nikon 'ECLIPSE E600FN' Stereo Microscope with camera
- Bruker 'minispec mq10' NMR-Spectrometer
- Tecan 'HPD300' Microplate Module - Dispenser
- Roche 'xCELLigence RTCA DP' Automated robotic platform
- Olympus 'IX71' Camera Microscope

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