Online Auction - CIGS Solar Cell Production Facility Closure

Auctioneer FabExchange
Closing date Nov. 14, 2019
Location USA USA
Category PCB and Semiconductor / Process and Packaging
ID PCB0173
Status Closed

Complete CIGS Solar Cell Production Facility Closure

Featured equipment:
- CHA Mark 50 Electron Beam Evaporator
- Veeco/Dynavac Inline Thermal Evaporator
- Complete Ceres CIGS Deposition System
- Ceres Molybdenum Sputtering System
- Complete Modular Cleanroom
- Ceres Inline XRF System
- CPA 9100 Multi-Target Sputtering Systems 1 2
- Indel Multi-Target Evaporator
- Innotech InCapCell Large-Format Laminator
- 2-Ton Cranes
- CTI Cryogenics Cryo-compressor
- Edwards E2M80 Vacuum Pumps 2 3
- Innotech Screen Printer
- Solar simulators and Sun-Soaking Systems by EYE Optics, Spire
- 2013 Newport Oriel IQE 200 PV Efficiency Test System
- Advanced Energy, EMS, MDX Power Supplies
- Perkin Elmer Optima 2100
- Complete Solar Panels
- Much more

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