Online Auction - Vegetable Processing and Freezing Equipment

Auctioneer Rabin
Closing date Sept. 5, 2019
Location Israel Israel
Category Process and Packaging
ID PPM0451
Status Closed

Green Bean Receiving & Snipping
- Hughes cluster cutter, brush & dirt reel
- Bruynooghe model 100 shaker cleaner (2013)
- Bruynooghe Type FB 200 air cleaner
- Hughes model 44-700 bean snippers
- Hughes model 46-500 unsnipped removers
- Hebort model 12A bean cutter
- Conveyor matrix connecting all above

Corn Husking & Cutting Line
- A&K Development corn “Power Huskers”
- Corn Cobb 3 blade head cutting stations
- (12) Magnuson automatic corn cutters
- Key Iso Flo & FMC vibratory shaker feeders
- Key Tech VC10 color sorter with G6 upgrade
- Corn cobb blancher with circulating pumps
- Large selection of belt conveyor throughout

Root Vegetable & Pea Equipment
- PKC model 400 rotary steam peeler
- Master Peel 2500 abrasive roll peelers
- FAM high speed root vegetable slicer
- Femia model E95 flotation washer system
- Olney model 40 destoner/flotation washer
- Pea cleaning, washing & sorting line

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