Online Auction - PCB and Fabrication Equipment from HGST and Western Digital

Auctioneer GoIndustry DoveBid
Closing date June 29, 2016
Location USA USA
Category PCB and Semiconductor
ID TAM0050b
Status Closed

This online auction, closing June 29, hosted by GoIndustry DoveBid, is set to feature assets surplus to the ongoing requirements of HGST and Western Digital.

Equipment of interest in this auction includes:

- Oerlikon Leybold/Kenosister Univex OLV Deposition Cluster Tool (RandD Tool)
- Veeco/AVP IBD-C3 Ion Mill
- (3) Veeco CVC CX6 PECVD Cluster Tools
- Molecular Imprints Imprio HD2200 Nanoprint/Nano Patterning Lithography System
- Allied Signal Electron Cure 150AC E-Beam Photoresist Curing Tool
- Sputtered Films Sputtering Sequencer Tool
- (8) Semiconductor Systems Scorpio Photo Resist Coaters and Developers
- (7) Unused (Remanufactured) Semitool 8” Dual Spin Rinser Dryers (SRD’s)
- Jeol JSM-6600F Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
- NanoScan High Resolution Magnetic Force Microscope
- (7) Veeco/Digital Instruments Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM’s)
- (2) Micrion Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Systems
- Headway Research Dual Station Spin Coater
- Oxford Instruments Vibrating Sample Magnetrometer (VSM) System
- And Much More

Inspection of any of the items in this sale is only available with a prior appointment.

This sale features equipment located in several different areas throughout California. Check the lot description to find out more.

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