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Shipping Heavy Machinery Overseas: Roll-on/Roll-off Service

Kitmondo 09 Dec 2018

Planning on shipping heavy equipment overseas? Are you considering which services and methods could be the best for your sold/p...

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The Top 5 Largest Heavy Equipment in the World: Giant Earth Movers

Kitmondo 26 Nov 2018

Giant earth movers are bigger than family houses and have the power to dig up and carry thousands of pounds of soil. When men s...

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Kitmondo’s Website is Getting a New Look

Kitmondo 19 Nov 2018

Excellent news for present and future clients; Kitmondo’s website is getting a brand new look! The new website’s launch day is ...

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The Skyscraper Construction Process: The Tallest Buildings in the World

Kitmondo 12 Nov 2018

The views from the world’s highest architecture constructions are breathtaking. How could someone have built something so tall ...

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The Job Description of a Construction Operator

Kitmondo 05 Nov 2018

Being an operator of an excavator or a huge crane is a dream almost all little boys have. Kids’ Christmas wishes of constructio...

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Forklifts: The Key of Efficiency in Warehouses

Kitmondo 29 Oct 2018

Little trucks, fork hoists or fork trucks; these names are given to forklifts. They might be small in size, but they are mighti...

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Different Types of Cranes Used on Construction Sites

Kitmondo 22 Oct 2018

Cranes are manufactured in numerous types of sizes and designs, however, they all share the same principal purpose: to lift and...

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Static Cranes: Their Strengths and Their Weaknesses

Kitmondo 15 Oct 2018

Cranes are probably the most well-known units used on construction sites. This fact might be supported by their enormous size a...

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Bidsuite Connects Industrial World to Facilitate Auctions

Kitmondo 12 Oct 2018

We are more than happy to introduce new Suite for auctioneers, buyers and sellers of used industrial equipment across the World...

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What to Remember When Buying Used Construction Machinery

Kitmondo 08 Oct 2018

The Previous Kitmondo article, Why Buy Used Construction Equipment?, defined the main advantages of buying pre-owned equip...

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Why Buy Used Construction Machinery?

Kitmondo 01 Oct 2018

When the time comes for your business to replace an old construction unit, it’s important to consider whether to buy new or use...

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Category of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

Kitmondo 24 Sep 2018

Every project in the construction industry needs specialized equipment to complete very unique tasks and come in a variety of s...

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History of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

Kitmondo 17 Sep 2018

If we say “heavy machinery”, most of us will imagine a huge construction crane towering over the tallest buildings in a modern ...

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13 Accident Prevention Tips for Using Construction Machinery

Kitmondo 10 Sep 2018

Construction equipment uses powerful technology which requires many safety precautions. The sheer size of most of the machines ...

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Announcing Kitmondo Intermediation Service

Kitmondo 19 Jul 2018

We’re excited to announce great news for all Kitmondo users: by the end of July, Kitmondo will turn into an intermediary servic...

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