The colourful universe of printing machines

The colourful universe of printing machines
Kitmondo 19 Sep 2022

In the Industrial world, printing machines are growing in numbers and in different printing techniques. Nowadays the competition has made the printing industry evolve each year. Various techniques of printing are used as a form of communication. Printing is available in many sizes to fit different purposes. This category is “one of the best sellers” in Kitmondo. Moreover it is composed of many subcategories, allowing our customers to find their exact needs. Therefore we have some of the best printing machines coming from the world known brands listed in our star listing category.

Colour printing offsets

The offset printing technique is undoubtedly the most effective form of commercial printing. This technique consists of transferring the images on metal plates into a blanket or a roller and then to the print media. The print media, meaning the paper does not come in direct contact with the metal plates. This translates to a high image quality. The process is used for high, medium or small volume jobs. In Kitmondo we have various offset printing machines. Below I will give some details for each one.

Mitsubishi printing machines

Although it is not the main manufacturer when it comes to heavy printing machines, the history of Mitsubishi brand printing and paper converting machinery dates back about half a century. In Kitmondo we have starlisted a 6-colour Mitsubishi offset printing machine.

Mitsubishi 6-colour printing Offset

You can command and control all functions of the machine with the touch-screen. This high quality printing machine is equipped with electronic double sheet control Photocells, automatic ink regulation from consolle, ink temperature control, Mitsubishi dampening, refrigerator techno trans beta.c, automatic washing of blankets, rollers and impression cylinders, SPC: semi-automatic plate change, circumferential, axial and diagonal registers etc. The machine has been used for printing high quality jobs for the car industry. The machine is in Italy in top condition, still installed since 2006. Inspection is possible. Have a look at the complete technical details and images of the offset printer by clicking just here. 

Ryobi printing machines

Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology strives to achieve high precision and multi colour printing. They own a wide variety of printing lines from small to large printing machines. The company provides machines in 170 countries worldwide.

Used RYOBI 924 A 4-colour printing offset

Manufactured in 2013, with 82 million printed copies, and a maximum size of 640x920 mm, the 4-color offset printing Ryobi is equipped with a PCS-G: console for ink and register control with touch panel, PDS-E: quality control system, steel plate on feeder, automatic ink regulation from consolle, and many other technical details. The machine is in Italy in the seller's warehouse, cleaned & checked. You can click here for additional information. 

Man Roland printing machines

Man Roland is one of the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to sheetfed printing presses. This German company operates in the packaging, publishing and commercial sector. Facing a very ferocious competition, the company strives at producing innovative offset printers with greater performances, capable of meeting clients expectations.

Used MAN-ROLAND R 704 3B-P 4-colour printing offset

The Man Roland offset printer was manufactured in 2001, counting 95 million printed copies, with a maximum size of 740x1040 mm. It comes with a consolle for the remote adjustment of ink fountains and registers RCI II, an automatic adjustment of size and weight of paper and a steel plate on the feeder. Electronic double sheet control Electronic missing sheet detector, Suction tape feeder photocells an automatic ink regulation from consolle. Furthermore it has an automatic blanket washing, rollers and impression cylinders. Currently, the used offset printer has been used in a town in Italy for printing services.

The machine is cleaned & checked and in the seller's warehouse in stock. Check it out for more images and information by clicking on the link above.

Muller Martini printing machines

Muller Martini is a worldwide known company for its top quality finishing systems. Founded in 1946, this family business company provides the best finishing machines for digital and offset printed productions. Muller Martini is a pioneer company in the graphic arts industry. Listed as a star machine we have a used finishing (sewing) machine.

Used Müller Martini 3215 MC sewing machine

Check out our sewing star machine on Kitmondo. It has a commander control with a touchscreen. Moreover, it also comes with a feeder with a magazine, a sewing element with tread supply 4-4 opening, a separator device for block, and a belt delivery. The mechanical maximum speed is 12,000 cycles per hour. The machine is in a new condition, it is still in production. The price includes loading the machine in the truck.