Starlisting Used Industrial Machines on Kitmondo. What is a star product?

Starlisting Used Industrial Machines on Kitmondo. What is a star product?
Kitmondo 17 Jun 2022

Earlier this year, Kitmondo started working on a new project, named The Starlisting. Star products, as the name suggests, are equipment/machines that have a visible ‘star badge’ appearing right next to the name of the machine.

Among the listings of our clients’ used industrial machines, we created a special list with used industrial machines that belong to our most responsive and serious sellers. Becoming a star listing machine requires meeting a few criteria such as: a very detailed description, quality and several pictures with a price corresponding to the market. This is why there is a selection process that takes place beforehand.

The project

The aim of the project is, on the one hand, creating a special list of top used industrial machines for sale, quite detailed for all our clients who visit our website everyday and on the other hand reaffirming the trust that our sellers have created by working with us.

This project is completely free of charge from the selection of the machines, the optimization of the listings, along with the personal care, the extra online advertisement with massive paid campaigns, until the last step which is the star label verification. The main objective is to offer top quality products to our customers making Kitmondo their dearest platform when they need to sell or buy used industrial machines. We want to show our customers that our work is valued and our service is not only professional but also has a very personalized approach. Among all the marketplaces of used machinery, Kitmondo always chooses the quality over the quantity.

What does it take to become a star listing machine?

There is an investment included in each listing meaning that our “handmade” star listing presentations need to be of top quality and all the information has to go through a double check. We insist on the condition of the machines and the peculiarity of the listings.

While listing a used industrial machine as a star, our sellers must fulfil a few mandatory criteria. They have to come from a verified seller, meaning someone who has already closed deals with Kitmondo, who is very responsive, and with whom we have created a great partnership.

  • Media: Five photos minimum for each machine, possibly good quality ones, any additional photo or video could be a plus to optimize the listing of the star machines and improve their quality score.
  • Location: Since Kitmondo’s market is more focused in North America and Europe, ‘the soon to be star’ machine has to be located either in North America or Europe for now.
  • Price: The machine must have a minimum value of €($) 10 000. Also for each machine we ask our sellers if they have anticipated a best price for their machine. Our buyers will always ask for the best price, while making their counter-offers.
  • Technical information: (dismantled? Inspection possible? working conditions?) An important step of our work during the sale process is having the technical details of each machine. It is always better to have beforehand all the information for future star listed machines.
  • History: where the machine has been used, on what, for how many hours…
  • It is not only important but also interesting to know the previous use of the machine, in what kind of sector, for what service or product.
  • Offer: does the price include any kind of service (loaded on truck, additional tools…)

The benefits

Apart from the personal care, which is a service included in each machine that is added on our platform, filtering the requests to get the most serious buyers for the star machines is a must. Every new starlisted machine will be automatically added to the newsletter.

It will include a paid promotion, enabling our machines to appear on top results of web search pages and throughout our promotion network. Consequently, this will add more visibility to these machines, and increase chances for them to sell faster.

Kitmondo is growing little by little and we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and services. With that being said, our Starlisting project is a step in the right direction for an innovative approach to the sellers and the buyers with a top end selection. The Starlisting project's goal is to boost the sale opportunity for all the machines that already have great potential, contributing to giving a new life to these machines, faster than we usually do.

The project has already started, and it has been well received by our sellers. To have a more detailed look in our star machines, we will update our Kitmondo social media accounts every Tuesday and Thursday with our little hashtag #startuesday and #starthursday.